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I wish I could narrow down where this purported image of Adele's upcoming “25” album originated.

Since its presence on the Web is not widespread, I'm more given to attribute it to this deviantart.com page.  

But its mere existence reminds us that by the end of 2015, by which time “25” should be in our hands, maybe someone other than Taylor Swift can dominate the musical discussion for at least a few days.

That, and Adele has a great album-naming system. Her first was “19,” the age at which she recorded it. He breakthrough and most recent album was “21.”

Why has no other artist ever done this? It seems a natural, and a nice move beyond the Chicago-style Roman numeral system.

Peter Gabriel called his first three albums “Peter Gabriel,” with fans differentiating them by record label and by cover description. His fourth was named “Security” in the U.S., but “Peter Gabriel” around the word. Confusing, albeit interesting.

Gabriel said he viewed the albums as different editions of magazines.

Which was clever and entertaining, especially if you were aware of it. You felt like you were part of an exclusive club.

The club is larger with Adele, but she's also selling more albums that anyone else too.

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