Ask the pro: Targeted digital advertising
To target a specific audience, you have to first determine exactly who your customer is.

What is the best form of advertising to use to target a specific audience?

First, you have to determine just who your customer is exactly. Your customer demographic may change depending on the product/service you are promoting, the time of the year or even the message you are using.

For example, for a bar & grill who wants to promote live music, you likely want to reach 18- to 49-year-olds. But if your message is about daily lunch specials, the audience broadens. So, once you’ve determined the demographic you’re after, the type of media to use becomes clearer.

However, another important element is determining your goal. If your objective is to gain website traffic, then a very broad Run of Network targeting campaign is perfect. But if your goal is conversions (people taking action once on your website, such as signing up for an e-newsletter or making a purchase) then I would suggest site retargeting where you serve ads to people who’ve visited your site and gone away.

If you’re in a highly competitive industry, such as Assisted Living Facilities, where internet users research online, you’ll want to compete for better results on Search Engines. This includes “Search Engine Marketing”, where you pay-per-click to ensure a position of 1–3 on the first page of results.

If you’re looking for 18- to 49-year-olds, Social Media Marketing is very effective. This goes beyond making sure you have a Facebook page and fans. This type of marketing includes being seen on the most used social sites in an effective way.

If you need help determining who your audience is and how best to reach them, I’m just a phone call away. Let me help.

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