Real Estate Transfers

Real Estate Transfers

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747 Allphin Ave., $152,500, Richard and Tina Stine to Coty Davis and Melissa Schoeppner

6303 Autumn Ridge Court, $45,000, Chad and Jennifer Clem to WMS Trust

1706 Bob-O-Link Drive, $148,900, Elaine M. Moore Trust to Samuel and Ruthie Baum

1162 Buckeye Lane, $123,500, Bryan A. Marquis to Leslie Kae Nailer

1302 W. California Ave., $25,000, Gary and Patty Sileven to Edgar Alan Belcher

6 Calumet Drive, $138,500, David Peck to John and Angela S. Cleary 

6105 Camp Warren Road, $112,000, Corey and Alyssa Mize to Sydni Elder

4983 W. Cantrell St., $190,000, Jason A. and Lynsey K. Hotwick to Joshua E. and Jennifer A. Echols

3225 E. Chestnut Ave., $81,000, Ted V. and Sharon K. Jones Jr. to Emily Gillies

3169 N. Christine Drive, $55,000, Robert Martindale Trust to Robert J. Zuege

2143 N. Church St., $8,200, Midfirst Bank to Darrold Sanderlin

48 Colorado Drive, $55,000, Jill D. Andrews-Rice to Jill E. Monroe and Keith Underwood

5810 N. Country Club Road, $40,000, Harold L. McCool Revocable Living Trust dated Feb. 11, 2000, to Heather A. Stewart

4134 N. Cowgill Ave., $40,000, Douglas G. Heckman,  Jr. to Joseph L. Walston

418 Crestline Drive, $135,000, Freddie E. and Janet M. Furnish to Melissa Bertram

625 Crestline Drive, $105,000, Ashish A. and Dimple A. Shah to Jonathan Ernst

32 Dancey Court, $155,000, Carol Wood and Carol Ann Dixon to Gary Edward and Sarah Jane Coulter

65 Dellwood Drive, $120,000, First Mid Bank & Trust to James P. Holliday

1570 W. Division, $10,000, Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee, to Kristopher D. Thompson

47 Eastmoreland Court, $90,000, Kim L. Leaderbrand to Jennifer Elaine Morrow

715 E. Elm Ave., $94,500, Tommy F. and Betty J. Black to Kelly Bantz

8 Fair Oaks Drive, $130,000, Gary M. and Jennie L. Houk to Aaron G. and Amy D. Cronkright

3341 E. Fitzgerald Road, $57,500, Adam C. Gensler to Sierra M. Creason

2620 Forrest Green Drive, $64,000, The Meixner Family Trust to Britt Brown, trustee of the Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust #26206969

310 S. Glencoe Ave, $75,000, Cathy Mathias, nka Cathy Rotramel to Michael A. Novak and Lee Ann Rotz

2279 Grandview Drive, $75,000, Tim Drew to Branson and Briana Stephens Quintenz

4005 Greenridge Drive, $53,201, Macon County Sheriff to Kristopher D. Thompson

895 E. Grove Road, $86,000, WT Morey Trustees to William Eugene and Tara Eades

272 W. Harrison Ave., $24,200, P. Bruce Campbell to Oliver Residential Properties, LLC

2711 E. Hickory St., $500, Richard Robinson to Lisa Hoffman

1405 Highland Place, $76,000, Daniel A. Jr. and Rebecca A. Goveia to Sandra Lee Dupree

333 Hillshire Road, $68,000, Lana L. McBride, trustee, to Nicolle A. Dion

3173 N. Holly Drive, $95,500, Michael and Kimberly Latham to Gregory L. Mitchell

2314 W. Hunt St., $40,900, Mary B. Blaylock to Vicki L. Knox

48 E. Imboden Drive, $45,500, Michael Sadowski and Nancy Hicks to Margaret Heckman

26 Lake Grove Club, $150,000, Gary and Gloria Shutter to Robert F. and Michelle S. Herbert

980 S. Lake Ridge Ave., $62,000, Carol Fair to Noah Wiggle

505 N. Lake Shore Drive, $82,000, Fred A. and Jean D. Hector to Matthew J. Stewart

1274 E. Lake Shore Drive, $70,000, Rosemary Ruffner to Fabian M. Woodley

2152 E. Lawrence St., $5,000, Robert Weiss to William B. Atchison

4306 E. Lincoln Ave., $81,000, Ramon Cruz, Jr. to Holly Lourash

2116 S. Lost Bridge Road, $75,000, FJ Properties of Illinois LLC, to Paul and Rebecca Sunderland

116 Madison Drive, $64,000, Robert L. West to Caleb Ryan Alexander Gibbens

1579 W. Main St., $72,000, Brett M. Stanford to Sage M. Davis

7770 W. Main St., $90,000, Debbie Lowe Phillips to Nicholas Wade Lowe and Arianna Grace Guerrero

2405 N. Maple Ave., $48,620, Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

380 W. Marietta St., $30,000, Amerimark Bank, Trustee, to Bredrick Lee Hill, Sr. and Michelle R. Hill

3550 Meadowlark Drive, $62,900, Paul T. and Maryrose Hagenbach to Stephanie Austin

1435 Meadowview Drive, $186,000, Ruby F. James, fka Brase, to Michael L. Young

2163 Millstone Road, $154,000, Ella Park to James Donnelly

525 N. Moffet Ave., $20,200, Carrington Mortgage Services to Kayla Oliver

33 Montgomery Place, $239,900, Erick F. and Jill C. Hubbard to John R. and Carmen L. Dunn

62 Nolen Drive, $165,000, Pauline E. Jurgens to Romano Family Limited Partnership

312 N. Oakcrest Ave., $33,900, Regions Bank to Steven M. Bivens

240 N. Oakdale Blvd., $61,500, Patricia A. Cerny and Tamara L. Sears to Sara Diesburg

1087 N. Oakdale Ave., $29,900, Rodney W. Skowronski to Sandra K. Wren

1408 N. Oakland Ave., $12,900, Stephen L. and Patricia M. Sanders to Aaron and Abigail McIntosh

2940 Oakmont Drive, $250,000, Gretchen Peters-Hantel Trust, Steven Gadberry and Craig Gadberry, trustees, to Nicholas O. and Amanda R. Grace

3010 E. Orchard Drive, $86,000, Kennard N. Davis to Lisa R. McCarty

2 Park Lane Circle, $220,000, Robert L. and Rosemarie Hauskins to James R. and Dawn E. Johnson

450 Park Lane Court, $145,700, Gregg A. Meisenhelter and Debra Ryan to Bryce B. Thiele

7 Peggy Ann Drive, $91,000, Marat and Vickie R. Sayar to Bennett L. Jackson

1514 E. Prairie, $2,500, John E. and Barbara A. Ward to Eric Woodland

2077 Ramsey Drive, $108,000, Samuel S. and Ruth Baum to Rebecca J. Kern

1359 E. Riverside Ave., $18,500, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Christopher J. Marquette

1360 E. Riverside Ave., $17,000, (contract dated 2009), Joseph R. Van Meter and Jeri J. Evans to Eugene R. Davis

25 Sadowski Court, $110,000, Jacob Potts to Joseph L. and Kayle M. Fleming

16 Sandcreek Place, $103,000, Terry L. and Jennie W. Swafford to Dixie Hollinshead and Mason Eveland

462 Shoreline Drive, $340,000, Philippe A. Pfister and Maria Del Carmen Estraviz Garcia to Erick F. and Jill C. Hubbard

250 Shutter Drive, $129,900, Chad A. Young to Tyler Lee Hines

220 Southmoreland Place, $143,000, Robert W. and Jo Ann Miller to James E., Jr. and Jeanne M. Getz

5541 Thrush Ave., $122,250, Chad A. and Amber N. Thomas to Kyle Gorrell

749 E. Van Buren Ave., $7,000, estate of Everett D. Hunter, deceased, to William E. Burns, Jr.

1931 N. Walnut Grove, $13,000, JEF Associates LLC, James Fullenwider, to Stephan Sr. and Errika Bobbitt

119 Wayside Ave., $25,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to GS Business Group, LLC

407 S. Westdale Ave., $138,000, Todd  and Sandra Skelley to Joseph A. Schuman

1244 E. Whitmer St., $25,000, John J. Brown to Bobbie and Willa Hartman

4529 Wicker Drive, $124,000, Damon and Corina Piatt to Derek and Cynthia Fitzpatrick

1829 E. Wood St., $10,000, (contract dated 2015), Edward E. Beasley, trustee, to Charles C. Cravens

1960 W. Wood St., $100,000, Natalie Brown to Ian Greenlaw and Mary Sederburg

430 Woodside Trail, $32,500, Ruth Ann Sileven to Chad R. Tipsword

1710 N. 27th St., $29,500, (contract dated 2012), Lois M. Fornwalt to Earl C., Jr. and Barbara A. Clifton

2554 S. 34th St., $95,000, Ryan Aberle to Murat and Vickie Sayar

119 S. 44th St., $450,000, Nancy J. Brechnitz, trustee, to Katcal, LLC


8367 Klamath Road, $285,000, Betty Jordan to Jordan K. and Paige N. Sheraden

Blue Mound

300 Lincoln St., $65,000, Jennifer M. Hunt to Baily J. Butler

111 St. Marie St., $91,500, Jeff N. and Janet L. Runyon to Ronda Gowin


271 Cale Court, $218,000, Beverley E. Brookshaw to Vankata Darma Veera Vijay Kumar Damarla

722 Gunnar Lane, $170,000, Ronald K. Ingram III to Qamil Ballazhi

151 Shadow Ridge Blvd., $537,575, Horve Developers, LLC, to James and Megan Renee Clark

779 Spyglass Blvd., $249,000, John and Elizabeth Barry, trustees, to Ronald K. Ingram III


8155 W. 2nd St., $90,000, Dempson Jerry III and Amy Marie Haney to Austin J. and Megan Polley


12458 Baker Road, $37,261, Antonio D. Brown, Macon County Sheriff, to Peggy and Kary Renfro

5-B Whispering Pines, $50,000, Erica Barnes to Crawfordsville, LLC

185 S. Wiles St., $45,000, Darrin W. and Lynette M. Shasteen to Matthew M. and Audrey M. Anderson

Mount Zion

1505 Ashland Ave., $365,000, Timothy D. Stone, Jr. to Daniel R. and Nada S. Lygrisse

405 N. Broadway, $25,000, Thomas K. Williams to Shane M. and Carla D. Stewart

6304 Cavalcade Drive, $53,291, Sheriff of Macon County to Champaign Investment LLC

5298 N. Kruse Road, $180,000, Danny and Vela Yvonne Thompson to Larry A. Adams

235 W. Main St., $53,000, Gladys Warnick to Deborah L. Corwin

610 Wildwood Drive, $135,000, Kathryn J. Funston to Larry and Lisa Wright


512 N. East St., $235,000, Timothy P. and Karen S. Hays to Franklin R. and Charlene Y. Conaway

5502 River Bluff Court, $260,000, James Randall and Dawn Elaine Johnson to Michael L. and Kimberly A. Latham


Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in August and September.


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