2404 Angle Court, $415,000, Jack J. Hall to Matthew L. Naber

2505 E. Brooks Drive, $86,000, James W. Warner and Vickie V. Warner to Linda L. Mitchell

1136 E. Buena Vista Ave., $33,500, Candace Tolly to Steven T. Oliver and Kayla R. Oliver

2124 N. Charles St., $1,500, Nims Real Estate Group Inc. to Anthony Q. Washington

3049 E. Cherry Drive, $115,500, Jennifer L. Reed to Amanda Krall

2165 E. Clay St., $47,500, Tiffany T. Bell and Daniel R. Bell to Trevor S. Ostlund

88 N. Country Club Road, $349,000, Mark R. Rohanna to Robert C. Foy

645 Crestline Drive, $90,000, estate of Betty J. Gluck, deceased to Larry W. Hoffman Sr. 

2770 Day Drive, $246,750, Ronald A. Thompson to Flora J. Salerno

2116 N. Dennis Ave., $27,126, Macon County sheriff to Kristopher D. Thompson

1975 S. East Gate Drive, $65,000, William B. Smith to Taylor R. Deetz

2305 S. File Drive, $50,000, Stacey Wenskunas to Cody S. Weber

3775 E. Fitzgerald Road, $108,000, Adam M. Parker to Gabrielle Clfiton

2879 Forrest Lane, $115,000, U.S. Bank National Association to Lauren Allison and Luke Allison

1275 W. Grand Ave., $20,000, Martin O. Brumett and Patricia F. Brumett to Kristopher D. Thompson

1268 W. Green St., $18,000, Nims Real Estate Group Inc. to J.J. & CC Enterprises LLC

1173 E. Harrison Ave., $4,800, Elizabeth Ann McCoy to David T. Wright

5879 Heritage Lane, $240,000, Craig D. Splittstoesser to Craig M. Sullivan

2777 W. Hunt St., $66,000, Debra K. Johnson to Christine M. Floyd

1269 Koshinski Road, $117,000, Craig M. Sullivan to Britt L. Boles

1980 W. Macon St., $55,000, David G. Fornear to Vicki Knox

2404 E. Main St., $134,400, Midwest Properties of Central Illinois LLC to Chase Spitzer

711 Millstream Place, Unit 1, $90,000, Connie Maurer to Jolene D. Grider

2031 N. Monroe St., $30,000, Acciavatti trust to Thuy Kim Huynh Patten

238 W. Peoria Ave., $3,000, Nims Real Estate Group Inc. to J.J. & CC Enterprises LLC

254 E. Pierson Ave., $27,500, PNC Bank National Association to Kirk Stephen Henneberry and Jeanette Adelle Henneberry

3636 Pleasant View Court, $145,000, Danelle Purdy to David P. Greenwell and Michelle L. Greenwell

3565 Redlich Drive, $131,206, Joseph J. Frydenger aka Joseph Frydenger to MidFirst Bank

2185 Ridel Ave., $74,000, Keith R. Goodman and Connie J. Goodman to Michael A. Watts and Autumn D. Watts

2410 Rolling Creek Court, $287,000, Doolin Model 19 LLC to Gregory R. Huck 

4015 N. Warren St., $35,000, Vinod C. Gupta to Jeremy Sain

1051 N. Westlawn Ave., $89,000, David C. Smith to Robert Mills

2125 E. William St., $10,000, Andrew R. Hendrian to Thmylos T. Walker

340 N. 17th St., $12,000 (contract dated 2017), Pedro E. Paez and Gwendolyn A. Paez to Yamisdaly Leyva and Jessica Leal

624 S. 23rd St., $8,000, Casey Bateman to Massoud Aliabadi

1950 N. 27th St., $13,800 (contract dated 2017), Valerian L. Banning and Larry Banning to Douglas Slifer


710 Apache Drive, $200,000, Bailee Kistenfeger aka Conaway to Isaac D. Zuniga and Rebekah M. Zuniga

335 Loma Drive, $142,000, Rachel M. England to Jonathan Hovey


432 W. Cole St., $33,000, Margaret A. Schram, trustee to Michael O. Harlow

Mount Zion

 960 Kirk Drive, $120,000, Richard N. Tolly and Bonnie J. Tolly to James E. Stevens and Marian A. Stevens


104 N. Clay St., $70,000, Polly L. Whitt and Penny L. Jones, co-executors of estate of Hazel F. DeFore, deceased to Todd A. DeFore

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in  March.

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