4520 Bentonville Road, $140,000, Patricia J. Willis to Michael A. Dicksen and Carol A. Dicksen

4320 Birch Church Road, $45,000, James Brian Daniels and Mary Lou Daniels to Christina Mason and Sharon Sue Jacobs

1071 Buckeye Lane, $156,000, Matthew Whetstone and Hailee N. Freeman to Brian D. McCrary and Mary A. McCrary

1268 E. Cantrell St., $25,000, Glenn R. Tyler and Martha M. Tyler to Wilson Ellis

7121 W. Cantrell St., $92,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Blake Mansur and Catherine J. Mansur

530 W. Center St., $30,000, Richard A. Robinson to Nekita Chaney

2602 Cherokee Drive, $129,900, Cynthia Leigh Vickers and Edward Joseph Noel to James G. Vickers and Cynthia L. Vickers

4008 N. Constant View Drive, $38,000, Stacey L. Wenskunas to Nicholas D. Weaver

1148 W. Cottage Hill Ave., $12,500 Bank of America N.A. to Shawn Lamont Garner

4420 Country Manor Court, $235,500, Philip T. Thompson and Diana Thompson to Brian D. Keown and Melodie A. Keown

653 W. Cushint St., $27,250, Norman Miller and Lisa Miller to Michael T. Winans

6220 Fitzgerald Drive, $232,900, Richard and Donna Streibich to Matthew Whetstone and Hailee Freeman

1202 Florida Ave., $72,900, Brian Ray York and Susan E. York to Chanina M. Wilson

4825 E. Glenmore Court, $130,000, Ronald W. McCarty Jr. and Lisa R. McCarty to Megan M. Musick

1161 E. Harrison St., $6,000, James Pickett to Nancy L. McCoy

1275 Jennell Drive, $140,000, James and Sharyn Swinney to Richard and Donna Streibich

28 Kater Drive, $58,500, Linda L. Hagenbruch to Jennifer M. Hunt

2945 N. Kenny Road, $85,000, Edmund M. Korando and Luann Korando to Haylee N. McQuality and Jenny S. Aaron

7 Knollwood Drive, $55,000, estate of Nadine Jessie Munson Loveall to James Martin and Jami Martin

51 La Salle Drive, $52,500, Clara Molly Pierce fka Weber to Linda L. Hagenbruch

2670 S. Lake Parkway, $425,000, Karylle C. Wike to St. John McCaughey and Susan McCaughey

899 E. Lake Shore Drive Unit A2B, $151,500, Anna Brackenbush to Sharon Ann Phillips

1039 E. Lincoln Ave., $38,000, Lonzo M. Leaks to Troy Fuller

4821 E. Lincoln Ave., $104,000, Diane K. Fruchtl to Jennifer Thompson

2233 N. Main St., $89,900, Mosi A. Johnson to Michale Brandt

1060 W. Marietta St., $10,000, W&L International LLC to Bujamin Veliu

1369 W. Marietta St., $37,000, Regions Bank to Thomas Seitz Jr. and Heather Seitz

66 Meadow Terrace Drive, $55,000, Travis A. Whitsel to Jacob L. Fowler

670 S. Monroe St., $210,000, Michael W. Wilson and Molly Wilson to William Blount Stephens and Douglas Blount Stephens

720 Montgomery Lane, $104,900, Jerel Watson and Chinelo Echeazu to Whitney Stoller

4554 Nicklaus Court, $162,000, Phillip Zeni and Debra Zeni to Mardoche M. Beya

14 Nolen Drive, $50,000, Barbara E. Tripp to Jeffrey W. Beck

3202 Pinehurst Drive, $234,900, James Z. Schwarz and Suzanne Schwarz to Timothy M. White

3480 Plover Drive, $97,000, Nicholas S. Calhoun to Kyle Houston

2665 E. Prairie Ave., $47,000, Richard Blancett to Amber E. Johnson

2735 Rob Roy Place, $147,500, Clayton E. Henson and Alicia Mae Henson to Brandon M. Williams

1313 E. Sedgwick St., $20,000, Richard A. Robinson to Nekita Chaney

2260 S. Rainwater Drive, $119,900, John K. Fischer and Sallie K. Fischer to Steven McRoberts

31 Sandcreek Court, $85,000, Diana D. Hall to Janet L. Creighton

1325 E. Sedgwick St., $10,000, Richard A. Robinson to Nekita Chaney

2614 S. Taylor Road, $75,000, Daniel Gerard Murray to Douglas Lindsey

4925 Thrush Ave., $103,000, Gaye C. Turner and Dolores E. Turner to Miranda Curry

1705 Walnut Grove Ave., $13,000, Edward D. Goller to Richard Robinson

4642 White Oak Lane, $59,450, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shane Brandt

941 N. Wilder Ave., $31,000, Leslie W. Swartz to Angela R. Rustemeyer

13 Fourth Drive, $74,000, Ray S. Inman Jr. to Victoria Castelli

304 S. 22nd Place, $55,000, Matthew Wesley Garland to Courtazia Unique Johnson


12531 Friends Creek Park Road, $59,000, Jeremy W. Litz and Angela S. Coins n/k/a Angle S. Litz to Trevor Bloch-Jones

236 Oldweiler Court, $76,500, Natalie S. Conway fka Natalie S. Duncan to Zachary X. Reynolds

Blue Mound

218 E. Burgess Road, $30,000, Doris P. Bonn to Lail Properties

Dalton City

3882. Kraft Road, $439,900, David M. Elliott and Janette R. Elliott to John Watkins and Kimberly Watkins


364 W. Eckhardt St., $26,400, Macon County sheriff to Jeremy Richardson

290 Towson Road, $62,000, FJ Properties of Illinois LLC to Kurt and Kayla Parker


114 S. Oak St., $20,000, Kay B. Drew to Wesley Hollingsead and Gloria Hollingsead

Mount Zion

1505 August Hill Place, $259,900, L. Stephen Wrigley and Linda Wrigley to Anna Brackenbush

214 Cheryl Drive, $119,000, Janice Griffin to Timothy McElroy and Rachel Breault

700 Lawrence St., $87,500, Rebecca Elise Rentonm, fka Pierson to Paul Hartwig

950 W. Main St., $72,600, estate of Carol A. Moore to Mount Zion Properties LLC 

1353 Rich Lane, $145,000, Joel S. Nesbitt to Nikolas C. Good


250 N. Broadway St., $88,000, Frank S. Brown Jr. and Angeline M. Brown to Timothy S. Hiser

124 E. Montgomery St., $42,777, Quicken Loans Inc. to Tonya Jillianne Walker


3392 S. Swallow Lane, $77,700, Daniel George and Mindi George to Tamara L. Walz

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in October.

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