Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers
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Real estate transfers

Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

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1034 W. Ashwood Trail, $150,000, Denise E. Lafine to Charles J. Tubb and M. Lucille Tubb

1836 Burning Tree Drive, $174,000, Bonnie L. Jacobs to Thomas H. Eichnauer

223 S. Calhoun St., $5,000, Marlene V. Gant to Thomas D. Lewarren Jr. 

34 E. Caerroll Drive, $67,500, Lyle Ater and Carol Ater to Robert W. Sparks and Schuyler T. Sparks

920 E. Cleveland Ave., $9,000, estate of James M. Witts, deceased to Elatrice Lenox

2074 E. Cleveland Ave., $23,000, estate of Steven Billerman, deceased to Richard A. Robinson

127 Columbus Drive, $83,000, Stephanie R. Smith-Shellhorn fka Edgecombe to Philip Vizina

4140 E. Corman St., $35,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Theresa Clardy

1859 E. Decatur St., $18,000, Connie Atkinson, Jerry L. Kahler, Lloyd E. Kahler Jr. and Larry K. Kahler  to Sandra Yelovich

134 Dove Drive, $95,000, Zachary W. Ferguson to Joshua E. Montague

3827 N. East Court Drive, $10,000, Bruce E. Klaus and Kathy L. Klaus to Joseph L. Sapp

1646 N. Evandale, Drive, $64,000, John R. and Beverly J. Buzan to Jerry Buttrum

2495 S. Franklin Street Road, $84,000, John E. Highcock and Judy A. Highcock to Tracy Gabriel

3825 Greenhill Road, $97,000, Charles E. Bolby and Belinda L. Bolby fka Belinda L. Epperson to Robert O. Simer

8 Greenridge Drive, $60,000, Thomas P. Grady and Heather J. Grady to Jerry D. Gritton and Dorothy L. Gritton

37 Greenridge Drive, $80,000, Beverley E. Dean to First Christian Church of Decatur

1537 N. Gulick Drive, $6,000, Candy Zinn to Richard Ernest Jr. 

1735 E. Grove Road, $238,000, Sergeant Family trust to Sean M. Crystal to Amanda K. Chappell

1595 W. Harrison Ave., $51,500, Mary L. Brozio Trust to Tuxford T. Welch and Penny L. Welch

851 S. Jefferson Drive, $109,000, Tara L. Ostlund to Jacob T. Gillis 

45 Lake Pointe Drive, $400,000, Larry W. Foster and Deborah L. Foster to Martin O. Brumett and Patricia F. Brumett

1250 S. Lake Shore Drive, $20,000, Shelby J. Pedigo to GS Business Group LLC

8495 Lehman Road, $148,000, Samuel A. Bruce and Jaci A. Bruce to Peter Brown

2840 E. Lost Bridge Road, $66,500, Cheryl Clark, Craig Smith, Michele Southerd, Todd Smith to M. Jane Robinson

24 Lynette Drive, $74,000, Charles R. Canaday to Rebecca L Maynard

2020 E. Main St., $11,000, Diane Schenkel, Debbie Deetz, Keith Eugene Redman, Michael Damery to Jennifer Hall and Marilyn Gabhart

1702 W. Marietta St., $30,000 (contract dated Jan. 2016), Striglos Properties LLC to Jon B. Lingenfelter

1454 Meadowview Drive, $213,900, Donna L. Druessel and Timothy D. Druessel to Katherine Ann Smith

3644 Minnie Drive, $84,500, Todd A. Thornton and Monte R. Thornton to Haley Semon

1304 Moundview Lane, $245,000, Amy M. Brilley and Shane R. Brilley to Stephanie Stevens and David Parker

231 N. Oakdale Blvd., $118,500, Monica Clevenger fka Wilson to Caroline A. Young

78 Oriole Drive, $39,000, John Hawthorne and Paula Hawthorne to Alexis Ivy

2024 E. Prairie Ave., $14,868, Courtney Shelton Benton to David Cundiff

2074 E. Prairie Ave., $14,878, David Cundiff to Kimberly Barnes

2423 Quail Drive, $69,000, Susan L. Potts to James W. Ellis III

2164 W. Ravina Park Road, $65,000, Steve Crosby and Gina Crosby to Eric Green

108 Ridgeway Drive, ,$40,500, U.S. Bank National Association to Gregory Joseph Grueter

1344 E. Riverside Ave., $59,000, Beverly B. Brown McClure to Susan F. Mills-Jones

2745 Rosemary Court, $200,000, Robert Paul Stewart and Ashley Michelle Prater-Stewart to Kyle W. York and Laura S. York

3738 Sandcreek Road, $88,000, Taryn E. Teeters to William Tyler Webb

6145 Sangamon Road, $107,500, Judy A. Howard to Weslee Brown

704 Shorewood Drive, $76,000, Jennifer S. Ross-Barnett to Davie W. Poland and Rosalie Poland

2665 Timber Ridge Drive, $287,000, Mark P. Bateman and Nicole M. Bateman to Robert Stewart and Ashley Prater-Stewart

2245 N. Water St., $97,000, Leslie Barsema to Cora Cunningham

369 S. Westlawn Ave., $107,500 (contract dated July 2017), Rachel A. Miller, trustee to Zachary E. Kiefer

962 N. Wilder Ave., $8,000, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Robin Hood Investment Group LLC

2325 N. Wilder Ave., $49,500, Sarah Danbury to Sarah Leigh

1726 N. Woodford St., $19,500, Raymond D. Rozanski estate to Joash Tiarks

2289 N. Woodford St., $1,500, Lucy Mullinax heir of Brandon W. Mullinax, deceased to Christopher Entler

915 N. 21st St., $32,000, Robert W. Stern by Marilyn Prason, attorney in fact to Michael Evans

1366 S. 44th St., $60,000, Gavin McKee and Heather McKee to Dustin C. Chapman




220 E. Water St., $48,000, Rodney Kaufman to Doris E. Seal


833 Stevens Creek Lane, $240,000, Celeste M. Lambert to David B. Morr and Darcy E. Morr


410 S. Chestnut St., $160,000, Richard E. Young to William E. Duncan

Mount Zion

6408 Derby Drive, $150,000, Mallory A. Benton nka Mallory A. Schultz, Robert E. Benton and Nancy A. Benton to Charles W. Beiler and Cathleen D. Beiler

5530 Gateway Drive, $122,500, Betty Jo Lacost to Richard R. and Teresa A. Smith

415 Mintler Drive, $139,000, Steven S. Sefton and Georgia L. Sefton to Jonnie L. Miller

1020 Rocket Drive, $49,114, Michael E. Vest and Sheryl L. Vest to Dustin Dalluge and Mindy Dalluge

1315 Westside Drive, $136,000, Joseph F. Kovacs to Jamie L. Reed

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in October.


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