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Real estate transfers

Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

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120 Briarwood Lane, $166,000, Todd M. and Jennifer Tuggle to Anthony and Carol Huy 

173 Bristol Drive, $139,000, Charles J. and Kathleen L. Mueller to Joseph Thomas and Elisa Jennifer Meyers

1317 W. California Ave., $75,500, Joseph T. and Elisa J. Meyers to Kathryn Woods

7702 Camp Warren Road, $425,000, Thomas Walmsley to Karl W. and Colleen S. Scherer

5180 W. Cantrell St., $325,000, Eric and Jenifer Niell to Mark and Lisa Gerber

2937 E. Cardinal Drive, $50,000, David Eugene Beck to Reola and Grant Vincent Edwards

2263 W. Center St., $97,500, Sabrina Pfeifer to Sylvia A. Reed 

300 W. Cerro Gordo St., $20,000, Timothy D. and Donna L. Druessel Trust to Bi Yun Liu

2160 N. Charles St., $39,000, Jason L. Koonce to Johnny H.  and Azra Hostetler

1443 E. Clay St., $54,900, Vashida Apholone to Latasha Woods

2552 Cross Roads Road, $225,000, Marilyn J. Thornton to Pater Sanga Browne and Hannah Ruth Boyd

1516 E. Dickenson Ave., $60,000, Richard D. and Gloria Jean Beck, Sr. to Jessica and Casey Stechmuller

20 East Drive, $78,000, Teena H. Lichtenberger to Evans Buckley

444 S. Edward St., $55,000, Rochelle Tyus to Kerri Teague

943 N. Fairlawn Ave., $20,000, James E. Summer to Sarah Williams

371 N. Fairway Ave., $64,500, Christene E. Michael D. and Kyle M. Dugan to Kari Ann Henneman

864 W. Forest Ave., $90,000, Sergei Gladkiikh to Ryan Lee Blankenship, Jr.

1129 W. Forest Ave., $3,000, Publicani Investment Corp. to Nathaniel Hines Jr.

1499 W. Forest Ave., $49,900, Matthew A. and Megan Noel to Matthew and Najma E. Brown

3344 E. Fulton Ave., $114,900, Dennis Drew to William J. Foster

2270 Gary Drive, $90,000, Debra Havener to Donald and Kimberly Ragsdale

1640 W. Hunt St., $20,000, Vista Securities, Inc. to Roger D. Ryburn

435 W. Karen Drive, $148,000, Donald and Kimberly Ragsdale to Michael D. and Alyssa Rose Swengel

4025 Kruse Road, $161,400, Douglas P. and Candace Moody to Jerry J. Kim S. Wilson

35 Lake Pointe Court, $350,000, Mark and Andrea Swain to Jeremy Leathers and Steven Modine

2180 E. Lincoln Ave., $30,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Eric Davis

1321 E. Logan St., $23,000, Alaa Hassan to Eric Davis

2695 Long Creek Road, $239,600, Paul R. and Jolynn Harmon to Corey Andrew and Beckie Jeanne Janes

4003 Lourdes Drive, $119,900, James W. and Mary F. Layton to Ruth Ann McElwee

17 Lynette Drive, $67,000, Michael A. Fair to Michael Fair and Mary Gut

2168 N. Main St., $21,500 (contract 20170,William Mertell to Dale and Tonya Powless

3420 Marilyn Drive, $144,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Nancy Jo Hall

16 Maple Court, $69,000, Robert M. Mendenhall to David C. Bryan 

58 Medial Ave., $15,000, Publicani Investment Corp. tp Kristopher D. Thompson

933 N. McClellan St., $67,897, Gregory S. Ferris to Mary F. Barton

721 Millstream Place, Unit D-2, $92,500, Thomas G. and Kathy L. Bergin to Lucinda J. Kuro

556 Moffet Ave., $53,000, Ryan Benson to Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust

4595 Nicklaus Court, $191,000, Corey L. and Sheila M. Queen Kistner to Jason L. and Carissa M. Westerfield

141 N. Oakdale Blvd., $85,000, Kevin E. Woodruff to Hannah Musson

2233 W. Oaklawn Drive, $79,000, Kristy Rodriguez to Mary Troxell

3870 E. Park Lane, $76,000, Richard M. Williams to Keith Glenn

411 E. Pierson Ave., $51,650, Estate of Roger Thompson, deceased c/o Jon Hunley to Maxover, LLC

3499 Plover Drive, $84,000, Vivian Joyner and Ernestine Byers-Lowery to Junetta D. Taylor

3215 Point Pleasant Road, $380,000, Karl W. Scherer to Randy E. Richards 

 717 W. Prairie Ave., $74,500, Gamil Sawiris, deceased to Stephen Holland

2012 E. Prairie St., $16,500, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Katherine B. Gentry

2141 S. Richmond Road, $95,000, Nicholas O. Demmer and Malika L. Walton to Bryan and Ciera Chesnut

2090 W. Riverview Ave., $54,500, Meredith G. McMinn, deceased to BP Assets LLC

2221 W. Saint Louis Bridge Road, $35,000, Jason D., Allyssa R. and Billie J. Jaros to Bill and Yvonne Workman

38 Sandcreek Drive, $80,000, Janice J. White to Neisha Joyner Perry

1145 S. Silas St., $19,000, Mark W. and Margaret L. Van Gasken Revocable Living Trust to Sedrick Little

1155 S. Silas St., $19,000, Mark W. and Margaret L. Van Gasken Revocable Living Trust to Sedrick Little

1643 South Shores Drive, $175,000, Brett A. Scroggins to Dan and Tracy Mogged

264 N. Summit Ave., $231,000, Shawn R. and Elissa McLane to Jesse and Katie McVey 

1895 N. Summit Ave., $149,900, Kimberly and David Chaney to Branden Doyle

3363 N. Taylor Road, 456,250, Pennymac Loan Servicing, LLC to Brandee Nicole Carver

1980 N. Water St., $182,500, Jeffrey S. Burdick to LeShawn L. and Felecia Young

11 West Drive, $58,500, Jesse Edward Wood to Tony J. Woolum

4675 Wisteria Court, $177,500, Kevin L. and Donna J. Moma to Chandler T. Hays

1529 W. Wood St., $99,000, Michael D. and Alyssa Swengel to Amy St. Clair

3595 N. Woodridge Drive, $179,900, Chad A. Hill to Jeffrey R. and Rebekah Sanders

745 S. 16th St., $25,000, Debra D. Farney to Todd Gober

761 S. 21st St., $20,000, Pamela S. Coleman Hinton to Brown Hawkins and Basola

317 S. 23rd St., $53,000, TDD Properties LLC to Carla King

425 S. 23rd Place, $24,000, James Summers to Hui Wang

1711 N. 33rd St., $34,000, Barbara A. Warden to C. Patrick  and Julie Mulrooney 

1865 S. 33rd St., $89,610, Rhonda S. Fox to Shane and Kimberly Cole


248 Cale Court, $259,000, Andrew B. Beggin to Craig L. Hars

715 Fairway Drive, $270,000, Sarvesh Jajoo and Vatsala Maheshwari to Gaurang Patel

943 Forsyth Road, $256,000, Anuradha Killuru to Zaw W. Phyo and Myat Kay Khaing Thwin

1006 Malinda Court, $360,000, Zaima M. Tariq to Cartus Financial Corporation

1006 Malinda Court, $350,000, Cartus Financial Corporation to Bhaumik Thakkar

790 Stevens Creek Blvd., $415,000, David C. and Patricia Swartz to Bemajedareki and Juanita Williams, Sr.

Mount Zion

1450 Ashland Ave., $327,500, Mark A. and Lisa Gerber to Matias Salum and Eugenia Ruiz Vargas

315 Debby Drive, $130,000, Thomas W. McKay to Dawn and Johnnie Rolle

522 Shonna Drive, $105,000, C. Deadrick Development, Inc. to James S. and Deborah L. Hocking

1090 S. Wildwood Drive, $131,500, Donita Corman to Gregory S. and Janet A. Ferris

601 Woodland Court, 4167,500, Bruce and Nancy Huddleston to Richard W. Knoll


9967 Cerro Gordo Blacktop, $328,000, Timothy and Laura Hoffman to Vicki L. Shambaugh Trust 


605 Rayjon Drive, $97,000, Michael E. Gannon to Christine C. Neisslie

5564 Ryan Drive, $20,000, Horve Developers, LLC to Steven P. and Christine Neisslie


5517 W. Illiniwick Road, $92,500, Trevor J. Binkley to Christopher E. Lawrence

260 Powers St., $18,000, Britt A. Brown to Omar Al Tahrawe

142 S. Roosevelt St., $65,000, Carol S. and Rex Ragsdale to Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in Sept. 

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