4768 Arbor Court, $112,000, Amy Overton, poa to Terry M. Jayroe and Darlene M. Jayroe

4852 Arbor Court, $89,900, Sharon Jean Rohman estate, Gary Evans, Tammy Reiff, Jamie Suzewits and Susie Jacobus to Lois Traughber

2450 S. Baronette Court, $95,000, Lori A. Greten nka Lori A. Wilson to Denis Jakubovskij

4538 E. Bentonville Road, $115,900, Eric J. Macminn to Ryan R. Warren

4038 N. Buckingham Drive, $132,500, Bruce A. Dulgar to Marucia Valencia-Zepeda

9 Circle Drive, $127,500, Nicole M. Christison to Jason Hess and Cynthia Hess

615 E. Cleveland Ave., $2,000, Walter Bond and Irma J. Bond to Jerry Wayne Taylor

4218 E. Cleveland Ave., $89,900, Larry M. Bullock II to Lacy Dicken and Jeffery Dicken

713 Cortez Drive, $173,000, Russel T. Sands to Matthew S. Fraysure

39 N. Country Club Road, $350,000, Todd A. Werpy to Marcy A. Rood

4661 Dogwood Court, $126,000, Martin William Bushell, trustee of Phyllis J. Bushell to Gary L. Sickbert and Janet Sickbert

1044 Elmhurst Ave., $21,000 (contracted dated 2013), James A. Kitson and Barbara J. Kitson to Michael Clark and Amber Johnson

6660 E. Firehouse Road, $28,000, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Devon L. Drake and Loretta J. Niesman

8105 E. Fort Daniel Road, $200,000, Nellie Karen Eby to Larry E. and Rebecca S. Ball

2920 S. Franklin Street Road, $84,000, Adele K. Manks to Janet Elliott and Robert Ray

342 S. Glencoe Ave., $63,500, Timothy P. McFadden and Debbie J. McFadden to Rakia L. Jelks

37 Glenview Drive, $86,000, Jared Kennedy to Cory Lee Davey

1849 N. Graceland Ave., $6,500, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rodney R. Jr. Baker 

3955 E. Grand Ave., $31,000, Anthony and Misty Salmons to Michael Seeley

2891 Grove Court, $69,000, KJS Trust to Sherri L. Syfert

3669 Heritage Road, $126,000, Daniel R. Swarms and Elizabeth A. Swarms to Mason W. Eaton

1046 N. Hill Ave., $10,600, Denise C. Smith to Wellspring Properties LLC 

1443 N. Illinois St., $12,000,Dennis D. Ballinger to Freda R. Parsons and Charles M. Parsons

1137 Indiana Court, $25,000, Steven E. Halford and Tammy S. Halford to RC Brubaker Investments

965 S. Jefferson Drive, $105,500, Kevin L. Harford to Christina Tulak

611 W. Karen Drive, $89,900, Betty L. Workman to Rita L. Vought

230 E. Kellar Lane, $35,000, Cynthia J. Braden, Margaret P. Brunn and Joseph A. Booker III to Richard L. Marshall and Debra F. Marshall

2043 E. Lincoln Ave., $45,000, Steven E. Halford and Tammy S. Halford to Equity Trust Co., custodian F/B/O Rollie Brubaker IRA

5439 W. Lindale Drive, $95,000, Jennifer A. Schmidt to Steve and Crista J. Briggs

35 Lombardy Lane, $112,900, Angela M. Edgecombe to Christopher J. Schmersahl

1025 S. Maffit St., $1,212, Jamie L. and Jerald McIntyre to Janice Hutchins

1035 W. Main St., $71,000, Gregg Meisenhelter to ES Rentals LLC

2848 Marcella Drive, $81,000, Darlene Kay Cuttill to Deborah A. Bryson

1427 W. Marietta St., $28,500, Thomas Peter to Steven T. Oliver and Kayla R. Oliver

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531 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, $37,000, Dorothy L. Harris to Roosevelt Harris

2785 Mill River Place, $190,000, Joshua Dunmire and Cassandra Dunmire to Joseph K. Erwin and Emma Erwin

49 Montgomery Place, $190,000, Jeffrey D. Oliveira to Mahara Reyes

20 Oakridge Drive, $120,000, Bonnie Ralph to Phillip L. Giberson

107 Point Bluff Drive, $66,000, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Prairie Land Enterprises LLC

2344 E. Prairie St., $26,000, Blue Sky Investing LLC

233(9 S. Rainwater Drive, $93,000, Two City Investments LLC to Renee McCool

1535 N. University Ave., $11,000, Jeremy M. Ginger to Calvin J. Whitfield

270 Victoria Court, $132,000, Carlee McNamara to Jordan C. and Susanna E. Hopman

20 Whippoorwill Drive, $86,000, Jennifer Brown to Stephanie A. Weatherford

156 S. 25th St., $9,000, Michael Pound to Yancy Barbee

205 N. 33rd St., $67,500, Trisha Swartz fka Bilyeu to Austin Deaton

1717 N. 33rd St., $22,500, Ella M. Tucker to Doug A. Curtis

1347 S. 34th St., $21,500, Dina Durbin, Celestino Ruffini, Tina M. Craw and Gina Ruffini to Brock K. Grueter

2646 S. 34th St., $90,000 Robert Watson to Caleb N. Brooks


421 S. Elwood St., $94,500, Hundley Properties LLC to James C. Powell Jr.  and Penny Jo Powell

433 S. Elwood St., $55,000 estate of Phylliss R. Crutcher to Darryl J. Dougherty and Alycia L. Dougherty

807 Stevens Creek Blvd., $303,000, Christopher J. Beckman and Donna S. Beckman to Cartus Financial Corp. 

807 Stevens Creek Blvd., $303,000, Cartus Financial Corp. to Christopher J. Stevens 

1233 Talon Lane, $330,000, Emerson D. Valle and Rute F. Santos Valle to National Residential Nominee Services

1233 Talon Lane, $330,000, National Residential Nominee Services to Bartley Rose and Shannon Rose


230 W. Hight St., $17,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bruce E. Boliard


402 E. Kennedy St., $173,000, Shane R. Conway to Aaron D. Ennis and Heather L. Ennis 

Mount Zion

1100 Meadowview Drive, $107,800, Deborah A. Bryson to Glenn R. Heiserman and Sandy Heiserman

1410 Noble Drive, $129,000, Michael W. Patrick and Sandra K. Seay to Tiffany T. and Daniel R. Bell

57 Sundance Drive, $196,000, Benjamin J. Ellegood and Dora A. Ellegood to John M. Zalanka and Joan M. Zalanka


195 N. Main St., $128,000, Joshua Z. Boyle to Tonya J. Walker


9 Powers Court, $140,000, Todd E. and Georgina L. Funk to Jared T. and Michelle L. Anderson

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in June.

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