Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers
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Real estate transfers

Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

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4781 Barberry Court, $178,000, Michael K. Bruner to Kristin Lafollette

948 N. Brush College Road, $37,500, James C. Davis to Renaldo Ellis

4116 N. Camelot Drive, $35,000, Starla Walker and Christopher Walker to Sonya M. Williams

51 E. Carroll Drive, $66,000, James Drayton and Jessica Drayton to Henry Geng

661 E. Clay St., $7,000, Jerry Fisher, independent administrator of Michael E. Fisher estate, deceased to Homework Hangout Club Inc.

1514 E. Clay St., $7,000,Ronald E. Schenkel to Sweet Home Rentals LLC

664 Crestline Drive, $127,000, Matthew M. Loveless to Travis L. Ward and Cheri S. Ward

932 W. Cushing St., $27,500, William and Shirley Stoutenborough to Larry A. Benton

1722 N. Edward St., $17,500, Barding Revocable living trust and Christen D. Stimler to David Cech

1759 N. Foster Ave., $85,000, Kelly V. Ragsdale to Blake Ramsey

81 Glenview Drive, $35,500, Wells Fargo Bank National Association as trustee to GS Business Group LLC

1253 E. Grand Ave., $9,500 (contract dated Aug. 2017), Rickie L. and Debbie L. Sloan to April R. Pitts

1324 N. Huron St., $3,000, BT Properties of Vermilion County LLC to Devon Majors

305 N. Jasper St., $25,000, Sharrel Tyus to Fares Alkabsh

758 W. King St., $8,000, John A. Schleper to Mary Margaret Robinson

120 S. Linden Ave., $52,000, Peter V. Churukian to Dennis C. Weatherford and Ruth D. Weatherford

1411 Linder Ave., $90,000, Steve E. Halford and Tammy Halford to Mark S. White Jr.  and Nicolette R. Stokes

3215 E. Lost Bridge Road, $225,000, Gloria N. Shields to Gregory M. Cramer and Tina M. Cramer

1487 W. Macon St., $77,000, Joel M. Schilawski to Constance R. Frey

2405 N. Maple Ave., $25,300, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kirk and Jeannette Henneberry

3460 Martha Drive, $60,000, Dustin Rhoades to Mandy Christian

1613 E. Moore St., $26,000 (contract dated April 2013), Bruce P. Washburn to Darrius D. Cliff

1743 N. Oakcrest Ave., $120,000, Bonnie L. Metcalf to Kelly V. Ragsdale

1408 E. Olive St., $130,000, Jeanne M. Fisher to Fisher Brothers LLC

1537 E. Olive St., $30,000, estate of Mary Frances Gifford deceased to Jennifer Lake

5415 Pin Oak Lane, $230,000, Shane A. Koontz to Rachel A. Yardley and Christopher A. Yardley

4219 E. Rosewood Drive, $95,000, estate of Virginia Malloy deceased to Sara N. Ramsey

2412 Sands Drive, $153,000, Shirley J. Cross to James M. Gillen and Christina N. Baker

446 Shadow Drive, $83,900, Carolyn L. McKenzie to Heather E. Johnson

4689 Trevino Lane, $158,000, Preeti Jhawar trust and Snehlata Jhawar to Trista M. Ives-Thies and Brian M. Thies

1853 E. Wood St., $4,500, Bret H. Mckay estate, deceased to Matt Dutton

2157 W. Woodbine Drive, $127,500, c/o Anthony Charles Mormino to Austin Huitrado

1814 N. 29th St., $7,000, Anna V. Blackwell to Washeem Abbas 


162 N. Kenwood Drive, $115,500, Clint E. Walters and Robin A. Walters to Hector Reyes

Blue Mound

101 Kathy Court, $46,201, Macon County sheriff to MLIPO2 LLC

238 Snell St., $37,000, Jamie L. Declerck to Allison A. Largent


527 Park Place Court, $190,000, John C. Kleiss and Beverly A. Kleiss to Gloria N. Shields

612 Phillip Circle, $247,000, Bart Rose and Shannon Rose to Cole Shartzer and Andrea N. Shartzer


115 Cardinal Drive, $205,000, Fred A. Claussen IV and Kimberly D. Claussen to Brian L. Britton and Abbey L. Britton

Mount Zion

1510 Alexander Drive, $305,000, Toby D. Ragaini and Lisa M. Raraini to Daphne Bowman and Daren Bowman

945 Crestview Court, $78,000, Amy Durbin Zeleb to Shanda J. Pilger

640 Elm St., $70,000, David Gissler to CRF LLC

4541 Highcock Drive, $113,000, Blake Mansur and Catherine Mansur to Garrett S. Hockman

750 Mill St., $295,000, Donald R. Robinson Jr. and Tamara A. Robinson to Karl Harris

1515 N. Wildwood Drive, $130,000, Thomas L. Spry and Robyn G. Spry to Michael J. Beery and Jenny L. Beery

1070 S. Wildwood Drive, $175,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Kevin W. Ruffner


345 W. Henson St., $10,000, Glenn Edwards to Philip Edwards

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in February.


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