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Real estate transfers

Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

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1909 W. Ash Ave., $139,900, Angi D. Cooper to Robert Wagers 

4053 N. Camelot Drive, $30,000, Sheriff of Macon County to Dennis Drew

22 E. Carroll Drive, $74,000, Brittany Ollis to Ryan Grimm 

2324 Central Drive, $59,000, Allie and Mark Burgener NKA Allison T. Walden to Whitney Carey and Lisa Hopkins

2088 Clearmont Ave., $45,300, Nancy L. Law to Taylor Peterson and Valerie Wallace

1140 Columbia Drive, $222,775, Robert A. and Judy K. Busing to Mark and Johanne Maple

165 E. Court Manor Place, $112,000, Charity Fisher to Ryan Voyles and Laura Scoville

764 Crystal Court, $250,000, Douglas W. and Cynthia Soebbing to Alisha E. Phillips 

2308 W. Cushing St., $49,000, Carie Andrus to Richard Disney 

Lot 35 Day Brook Estates Fourth Addition, $13,000, Jennifer S. Lourash Mahannah and Rosemary E. Jones-Hupp to Joseph and Crystal Jackson

2192 E. Decatur St., $17,500, Sheriff of Macon County to Kristopher D. Thompson 

3930 N. East Court Drive, $111,000, Doris J. Clendenen to James and Stacey Chrispen

205 S. Edward St., $29,250, Robert Tirado to Bach Investment Group, LLC 

835 W. Elm St., $14,500, 11T IL, LLC to Novella Veal 

450 S. Ewing Ave., $18,000, Kelli N. Mitchell to Marie Bleus-Francois

2840 S. Forrest Green Drive, $233,000, Mark A. and Deborah L. Reynolds to Chris and Danielle Seider 

2239 Franzy Drive, $273,000, Gregory E. and Carolynn S. Moyer to Jarrett T. Applegate and Julie D. Hovis

329 Glendale Ave., $107,000, John Dunker to Robin J. Ray 

417 W. Grove Road, $130,000, Christopher M. Sprock to Chad Purk

847 Harper St., $30,000, Sandra Ann Leeds to LTZ Properties, LLC 

2267 E. Hickory St., $500, Austin Cray to Tymon Scott

1580 Highland Place, $145,000, Mary P. Kraus Trust to Beverly Turner

510 N. Hillcrest Blvd., $37,250, Terry L. Park, deceased to Andrew C. Clem 

1237 Jennell Drive, $130,000, Andrew D. Rucker Jr. to Alex J. Coffman and Mariah L. Cook

1615 E. Lawrence St., $13,100, North Illinois Investments, LLC to TSA Holding Group, LLC

1290 Legion Drive, $302,500, Arnold L. and Cynthia K Holliday to Shawn and Elissa McLane

1421 E. Leafland Ave., $4,500, Melvin T. Wynne to H & G Properties LLC

2682 Lourash Drive, $387,000, Brenda Kay and Timothy Duane Pearison to Angela Thompson

801 S. Main St., $50,000, Sky's The Limit Tree Service, Inc. to Clippers Lawn and Landscaping, Inc.

3165 Marble Point, $236,500, Shaun Mihal to Arnold L. and Cynthia Holliday

580 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, $27,000, Linda L. Norton to Christina Blankenship

1462 Masters Lane, $49,000, Kerra N. Williams to Charles and Sidney Shonkwiler

44 Meadowlark Drive, $63,500, Marshall S. Wisley to Susan Swisher 

489 N. Megan Drive, $47,000, Robert A. and Mary J. Yeager to Bach Investment Group, LLC

4452 Mount Vernon Place, $310,000, Stephen C. and Na Liu Van Winkle to William B. and Nanette P. Frank

3918 N. Newcastle Drive, $105,000, Jeremy A. Richardson to Jordan Anderson 

339 W. North St., $10,000, Debbie S. Wathan to Tina German-Roberts and Laura Roberts-German

306 W. Oak Lane, $127,000, George R. Lebo, Sr. to Zachary R. Harding and Rebecca R. McCartan

3321 N. Oakland Ave., $58,000, Sheriff of Macon County to Trust 775753029

2406 S. Peachtree Court, $164,900, Austin M. Mann to Travis Keller

1215 W. Pineview Court, $175,000, Kathleen M. Davis to Lisa Ann Marquis

1245 E. Prairie St., $8,000 (contract 2016), Sharon Nance to Sheila K. Luthy

123 S. Redwood Lane, $132,000, Carrie L. Wade to Monte and Aleta Froman

315 Sheridan St., $10,400, North Illinois Investments LLC to TSA Holding Group LLC

514 S. Sheridan Drive, $55,000, Wayne Riley to Dawn Yuhas 

321 Southmoreland Place, $224,920, First Mid Wealth Management as Successor and Trustee of Trust No. 44-0710-10 to Brian and Michele Earles

4150 N. Sunderland Drive, $140,000, Matthew R. and Catherine E. Hettinger to Roosevelt L. Clifton and Nortricia R. Ward

1344 W. Sunset Ave., $35,550 (contract 2018), Brad Beil to Denice C. Conlin

4460 S. Taylor Road, $160,000, Kenneth D. Biggers to Sarah Ping

630 Tohill Road, $215,000, Mitchell S. and Rachel Strode, Jr. to Shaun Mihal 

5520  E. Twin Bridge Road, $135,000, Virginia C. Ziverts to Jennifer Lourash-Mahannah

119 Wayside Ave., $100,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Trust No. 5675 to Alex and Hannah Beery

26 Whippoorwill Drive, $59,900, Todd C. and Susan E.Eggers, Sr. to Tyresse Dee Jackson and Kaylene Marie Cohoon

51 Whippoorwill Drive, $13,600, Sheriff of Macon County to Kristopher D. Thompson

1611 E. Whitmer Court, $26,000, Jack, Lin and Jack A. Jr. Vance to Dewight Smith

4606 Wisteria Court, $214,000, Julie D. Hovis to Scott C. Moss


7708 Argenta Road, $100,000, The Donna Benz Trust, Successor Trustee Mary J. Schenek to Taran Scott Trudeau

Blue Mound 

410 Territim Drive, $65,000, James R. Walters to Bradley Wagahoff 


715 Cortez Drive, $220,000, Eric and Ella Hintersteiner to Sharon Law 


229 E. Washington St., $16,000, Maroa Lumber Company to Maroa Washington Development, LLC

11950 N. Wyckles Road, $400,000, Laverne W. and Sharon W. Malone Trust under agreement dated May 31, 2008 to Dalton and Kelsey Van Fleet

Mount Zion

230 Bell Court, $130,000, Robert E. Oleson to Allison Terese and Lane Allen Walden 

645 Pearl Court, $303,250, S A Lewis Construction & Maintenance LLC to Cynthia A. Grabowski

120 W. Walnut St., $5,000 (land only), Ken A. Barnes to Doug Gosnell

770 S. Whitetail Circle, $141,500, James W. and Debra A. Hays to Charles and Marsha Miller 

610 W. Wildwood Drive, $141,000, Larry and Lisa Wright to James W. and Debra A. Hays


159 Buckles Drive, $99,900, Diane Burchard Lahr to Jeff S. and Sherri L. Keppler 


3366 Swallow Lane, $58,000, Kenneth W. and Linda Ray to Mason M. Neisslie


124 N. Orchard St., $150,000, Trent Lee Trudeau and Cali Marie Melton to Gregory Bournias


273 N. Main St., $25,500, Robert C. Shafer, Trustee of the Robin L. Shafer Trust to James R. and Darlene A. White 

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in Oct.


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