56 Allen Bend Drive, $189,900, Raymond T. Thacker and Amy E. Thacker to Gary L. Jackson and Janice E. Jackson

1252 N. College St., $8,000, Mary I. Lewis to Waseem Abbas

724 W. Division St., $16,000 (contract dated 2014), Prairie State Bank and Trust to Marilyn J. Smith

2305 S. File Drive, $12,500, Gary Bridgeman, executor of Glenda B. Duhamel estate to Stacey Wenskunas

120 Graceland Court, $64,000, Teddy Ray Bean Trust to Justin E. Conn and Elizabeth A. Conn

934 S. Illinois St., $3,000, Gladys M. Bublitz to Christopher B. Phelps

2058 W. Leafland Ave., $58,900, Cindy L. Lewis to Aaron Conner

1023 E. Lincoln Ave., $36,000, Lonzo Leaks aka Alonzo L. Leake to Steven Scott and Viola Scott

2036 E. Lincoln Ave., $9,500, Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee to Phyllis Boey

165 S. Linden AVe., $68,500, Sharon Rogers to Nancy P. Schultz

1590 N. Main St., $9,000, Amy Langner, successor trustee for Thomas G. Grenias revocable living trust to Bruce Washburn

2161 N. Main St., $15,000, Torey Stevens to Prairie State Bank & Trust, trustee

1410 Masters Lane, $131,000, Robert J. Carroll to David R. White and Rene R. White

2345 N. Monroe St., $20,500, Brian Hemrich to Raynard Dunigan

3912 N. Newcastle Drive, $32,300, C. Raymond Ballard to Fortress Properties LLC

3469 Plover Drive, $74,500, Jamie L. Tate to Sandy Yang and Kiwon Song

1355 W. Rock Springs Road, $225,000, Robert Kent Darst and Thad Lents to Brett S. McClelland and Vanessa M. McClelland

4240 Sandcreek Road, $50,000, Beverly Ann Nihiser estate to Randall Lewis

4520 Shadow Drive, $112,500, Lorena S. Johnson to John M. Mathew

2944 Wasson Way, $71,000, Gregory C. Collins to Karen C. Groves

729 E. Whitmer St., $22,000 (contract dated 2014), Francis E. McDaniel to Jessica L. Dooley


560 E. Broadway St., $125,000,William V. Roberts and Anna Mae B. Roberts to Michael Lacox

161 W. Prairie Ave., $113,000, Jacqueline Roberts and Mark A. Roberts to Nicholas Durbin and Holly Renvick


157 Raptor Court, $455,000, Jeff K. Hoyt and Tonya M. Hoyt to Erik E. Heggen and Nicole D. Heggen


412 N. Pine St., $135,000, Stephen and Diana Kinkaid to Cody Parrott and Mallory Hunter

Mount Zion

1305 Ashland Ave., $485,000, Matthew J. Selvey to Cartus Financial Corp. 

715 Lawrence Drive, $75,000, Robert T. Cole to Laurel Miller and Lea Anne Miller

1455 Westside Drive, $147,000, David A. Ames and Shana D. Ames to Scott E. Baker and Jennifer O. Baker 

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in December.

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