2561 Candlewood Place, $74,000, Fannie Mae to Timothy Logan and Suzanne Logan

1845 S. Commonwealth Ave., $72,500, Adam M. Gossett to Hayden A. Bailey

1789 Danceland Road, $168,000, Thomas L. Cook and Deanna Cook to Kevin Kimmle and Kathryn Balch

2144 Hoyt Drive, $116,000, Mary Lou Fergason, successor trustee of the Virgil L. Fergason trust, June 14, 1996, to James M. Perona Jr.

795 S. Joynt Road, $131,000, John H. Mauzey and Rebecca Mauzey to Joel Ziegler and Diane Ziegler

3338 Las Vegas Drive, $107,500, Jodi Van Fleet to Julie R. Finke

716 W. Main St., $26,000, Ting Kong Kwai to Vernon C. Salzman

4104 Nottingham Drive, $59,000, Julie R. Finke to Teresa L. McWilliams

2275 E. Olive St., $12,000, Rodney K. Bruner to James L. Shafer and Judith M. Tuvell

2290 W. Packard St., $150,000, Timothy D. Logan and Suzanne E. Logan to Kayla Uphus

817 N. Pine St., $11,000, Tim Clarke to Michael W. Martin

3688 Plover Drive, $68,000, HTH Companies, Inc., an Iowa Corp., to Gianny E. Hart

1922 E. Prairie St., $500, Raymond Rients estate to Robert E. Wilson Jr.

1609 W. Ravina Park Road, $43,000, Bonnie L. Metcalf to Dawn Kendall

3220 Reas Bridge Court, $105,000, MLIPO2 LLC to Gena D. Middleton

17 Ridge Drive, $78,200, Lewis E. Smith Jr. and Kathleen A. Smith to Jacob A. Weedman

18 Ridge Drive, $79,000, Michael L. Harris and Donna J. Nance, fka Donna J. Nugent, to Nancy F. Rem

38 Ridgedale Drive, $87,000, Todd A. Thornton to Travis R. Blancett

5135 Swashbuckler Lane, $230,000, Michael W. Burkheimer to Carlos Sierra

2572 Tanglewood Drive, $173,500, Davis and Barbara Ferguson to Jane D. Hardas

3501 N. Taylor Drive, $201,500, Jenifer A. Day and Shawn L. Nulf to Kyle A. Taylor

76 Whippoorwill Drive, $33,000, Lois K. Jackson aka Lois Kay Jackson to Sandra K. Barton

4729 Wisteria Court, $123,000, Patricia J. Ryan, trustee of the Patricia J. Ryan revocable living trust, to Mary L. Fergason

2221 W. Woodbine Drive, $125,000, John P. Clifford to Dian L. Wrigley

322 N. 17th St., $8,000 (contract dated 2017), Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee, to Rodney B. Jenkins

2440 S. 34th St., $83,500, Jason D. Crutcher to Katherine Fucinari


135 E. Water St., $15,000, Barry K. Chase to Kyle Logue and Joni Logue

168 E. Water St., $15,000, Chase K. Barry to Kyle Logue  and Joni Logue


770 Apache Drive, $242,000, Andrew and Jamie McClellan to Ben Haynes

684 W. Forsyth Pkwy., $200,000, Vivian Morr and Edward Morr to Ronald W. Guffey and Vicki A. Guffey

15 Hickory Point Court, $225,000, Kenneth Veon and Debra J. Veon to Kevin Cope


9645 Boody Road, $230,000, Kristina L. Delong, nka Kristina L. Donley, to Jill Bottrell

Mount Zion

415 Elm St., $143,000, Eric R. Watrous and Brandie L. Watrous to Shumaker Properties LLC

750 Pearl Court, $265,000, Annette S. Getz, fka Stone, to Matt E. Smith and Anne M. Smith


2484 E. Lockhart St., $99,500, William R. Elliff and Mary Diane Elliff to Bernard J. Incarnato

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in Aug.

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