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Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers
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Real estate transfers

Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

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3985 Cambridge Drive, $75,000, Keith Montgomery to Crystal A. Beckman

570 N. Country Club Meadows Court, $525,000, Mark R. and Tappi E. McLeod to Hickory Point Bank and Trust 

2350 N. Dennis St., $112,500, Kirk S. and Jeanette A. Henneberry to Ricky L. and Janice M. Wilson

15 East Drive. $22,896, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Tiffany Marie Bell

2309 E. Eldorado St., $24,000, Lola M. Wright to Lester Edward Poe, Jr.

3516 Eugene Drive, $65,000, James and Cynthia Vickers to Madisen Cooley

2355 W. Forest Ave., $125,000, Jami Bennett to Gage Anthony Scharfenberg

1778 W. Garfield Ave., $12,000, Mark and Davena Ziemer to Patrick E. and Lisa A. Riley

4524 Havenwood Drive, $172,500, Ryan P. and Jenna McCrady to Melissa M. Schmersahl

1826 N. Jasper St., $10,000, BT Investments LLC to Sherry Walker

851 S. Jefferson Drive, $110,000, Jacob T. Gillis to Pensco Trust Company

51 Kaydon Drive, $72,500, Kathleen Reynolds to Rachel A. Byers and Charles Spencer Sulcer

445 Kelly Court, $197,000, David and Rita Rupert to Robert and Joanne Sieloff

10 Lake Crest Drive, $280,000, Selma M. Erhan to Daron L. and Tara Drake

4271 E. Lake Shore Drive, $200,000, Brandon and Katie Hartt to David F. and Margaret E. Lindgren

2660 Lake Reunion Pkwy, $549,000, Scott A. and Kimberly Roberts to Chris and Mandy Espinoza

8455 Lehman Road, $167,500, Patrick Leo and Julie M. Tomlinson to Jared Stephen Perry

2930 Lewallen Place, $155,000, Daisy I. Elbert to April Louise Lorenz

2450 N. Longwood Drive, $58,000, Federal Nation Mortgage Association to Matthew W. Chapman

1410 S. Lynnwood Drive, $170,000, Rebecca A. Johnston to Paul Van House

81 Madison Drive, $26,500, Estate of Steven L. Rosenberger to Jose Duran

29 Medial Place, $72,000, Rick E. and Karen E. Welton to Megan A. Welton

2426 E. Main St., $17,000, Justin and Leslie Powell to Angela Quick

1350 Manor Drive, $225,000, Edward A. and Karen S. Oliver to Khader and Iffath Farooqui

3951 E. Marietta St., $22,000, Douglas R. Fogerson to David K. Eastep

29 Medial Place., $85,500, Megan A. Welton to Lydia and Katelynn Mullins

4988 Melwood Ave., $97,000, Patricia K. Hursh to Joshua Wayne Shaffer

762 S. Miller Court, $7,100, Bridgy Ann Lytle Supplemental Needs Trust to Jeremy A. Richardson

998 Montgomery Court, $99,900, David A. Richardson to Taneka Marie Shipp

1003 N. Moffett Lane, $40,000, Terry A. and Cheryl L. Ellis to Leroy Hall

2031 N. Monroe St., $34,000, Thuy Kim Huynh Patten to Michael Seeley

930 E. Mueller Ave., $13,000, Leonard Jackson to Sindy Hernandez

4193 N. Neeley Ave., $189,900, Sarah Lobb to Sydney R. Frey 

5235 N. Oakland St., $340,000, Brad M. and Janet A. Newland to Robert J. and Rhonda S. Luther 

2231 W. Packard St., $136,000, Mariah Lynn Cook and Aelx J. Coffman to Tiona Farrington

2 Peggy Ann Drive, $84,900, Gerald L. and Patricia E. Downing to Michael Calab Smith and Jaclyn Clare Pound

7 Powers Lane, $207,000, Caleb E. Wurth to Jason Wicks

2062 Ramsey Drive, $33,777, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Melani M. Taylor

460 W. Ratchford Lane, $129,900, Kevin S. and Rachel E. Tavarczky to Jeffrey and Michelle Horve

1610 Ridgewood Court, $163,000, Mark and Carolyn Devivo to Matthew Jones 

1344 W. Riverview Ave., $93,500, Thomas Robson to Amber Johnson 

1560 W. Riverview Ave., $131,500, Eric and Karen Mercer to Amanda and Andrew Burger

610 W. Sawyer St., $24,500, Timothy and Karen Massie to Alicia Sangster

11 E. South Court Drive, $162,000, Charles and William Wrench, Admins for Estate of Florence Wrench, deceased to Johnathon D. McClanahan

2580 South Shores Drive, $440,000, Andrew T. and Julie M. Wilkinson and Michael Wayne and Christa Alexejun Carr

1880 S. Spitler Drive, $150,000, Brian L. Heise to Hickory Point Bank and Trust, Trust #0933 

327 E. Stuart St., $1,000, William and Traci Cunningham to Cindy O'Neal

4156 N. Sunderland Drive, $104,500, Mary F. Kilton, Trustee of Trust Dated June 26, 1997 (MKF-062687) to Brittany N. Ray

3680 E. Sydney Court, $190,000, David H. Rice to Michael J. Osei

635 W. Taft Ave., $21,000, Elizabeth Krall to RBR Properties, LLC

5360 Traughber Road, $330,000, Daniel J. and Angela M. Held to Kenneth and Laura Evans

1144 Turner Court, $87,000, Glenn R. and Joyce D. Knecht to Kathleen Reynolds 

3420 N. University Ave., $149,000, James Paul Perry to Troy B. and Martha E. Castle

2441 Wakefield Drive, $140,000, Carol A. Wood to Dennis M. and Cheryl M. Dettling

100 Webster Court, $27,000, FJ Properties of Illinois LLC to Alicia Sanster

275 S. Westlawn Ave., $78,000, Jeanne Appel to Mark W. and Kathy L. Sorensen 

7171 W. William St., $126,000, Hubert W. and Samantha J. Murray to James R. Summers

7430 Williams St., $21,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Kris Highley and Mandi Mooney

1608 E. Winnetka Ave., $105,000, Marla A. Smith to Diacla Thompson 

227 N. Witt St., $5,000, Bailey Dwight Lamar to Shane Tearolk Jr.

1945 E. Wood St., $9,000 (contract dated 2016), David R. Dyer, Trustee of trust dated July 10, 2008 to All About Properties, Inc

1642 E. Wood St., $28,500, Carol A. Barnes to Bourne Enterprises LLLC

2360 Yorkshire Drive, $39,501, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Donald Thompson 

770 S. 16th St., $12,900, Cadeous and Tara Reed to Toni Stoner

855 S. 18th St., $20,000, Elizabeth Krall to Leroy Hall

351 N. 19th St., $13,000, James A. Carney to Derrick W. Keller

425 N 23rd St., $8,900, Elizabeth Rambo Lowry, heir and trustee of the Estate of Barbara Jean Rambo to Chanae Williams

139 N. 44th St., $400,000, Laura L. Pilling Trust to Ronald A. Koopman

Mount Zion

145 Carrington Ave., $300,000, John S. and Jessica D. Whitlock to Jacob Coffey and Addie Ingram

175 Carrington Ave., $36,000, Casa Development LLC to Robert M. and Mary E. Swartz 

735 Fawn Court, $128,500, Donald R. and Patricia A. Oestreich and Marcus A. Smith 

4846 Fletcher Lane, $47,500, William David Andricks to Rodney D. and Cheryl L. Naron

7820 Gosnell Road, $60,000, Carolyn Jane and Steven L. Woods Sr., to James W. Jr. and Malora Lowery 

1620 Havenwood Court, $156,500, Jerry R. and Rita S. Birkey to Cory D. and Brittani A. Garner

145 Kensington Court, $275,000, Jo E. Husson to Robbin R. and Diane M. Goings

515 Park Drive, $96,500, Tracee D. Durham and Ronald Hobbs to Evan D. Moore

1460 E. Roberts St., $260,000, Kent L. and Gay J. Helgemo to Robert Dillion and Summer Mariah Henderson

Russell Circle, $35,000, Kyle and Amanda S. Pflum to Brandon D. and Lindsey C. Howell

1425 N State Route 121, $240,000, James Wiley and Charles Weatherford to Lewis Rental Properties LLC

535 Sunset Drive, $116,900, James W. Lowery Jr. to Austin Smith 

730 N. Whitetail Circle, $157,000, David L. and Marla J. Burge to ASC Infinity Holdings LLC


250 Magnolia Drive, $146,900, Vernon Brunner, Jr. Estate to Lee and Heather Purdeu

5240 Navajo Drive, $288,000, Bruno and Cynthia L. Ejankowsko to Ryan and Shannon O'Connor 

869 N. Oakland Ave., $275,000, Kristen Kendrick to Naci Akyildiz

212 Prairie Lane, $578,000, Michael G. and Jennifer L. Brown to Armelito and Vilma Rebong

760 Stevens Creek Blvd., $230,000, Michael Timmons to Tara Ann Voorhees 

Blue Mound

318 Lewis St., $20,000, Nathan L. True to Jack E.  Trimle

113 E. Power St., $207,000, Eric and Rachel Smith to Brandon Hilton


10709 W. Lake Fork Road, $88,000, Thomas J. Jordan Sr., to Travis B. and Tammy M. Nelson


46 View Circle, $235,000, Daniel L. and Linda L. Hassinger to Clay D. and Megan L. Haurberg 

104 S. West St., $70,000, Aaron M. and Josyln R. Keathley to Robert Minnis


304 S. Chestnut St., $122,000, Devin Pryde and Thomas McCoy II to Monty Greutman

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in April.


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