6 Allen Bend Drive, $290,000, Busey Bank to Josef D. Schmid and Chelsea Schmid

4235 Birch Church Road, $340,000, Douglas E. Roose and Pamela J. Roose to Eric Pries and Valerie Pries

341 Burtschi Road, $10,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Dashan Waddy

1324 E. Cantrell St., $18,000, Hickory Point Bank and Trust to Michael L. Reid

4411 W. Cantrell St., $186,000, Franklin M. Lynch Jr. and Amanda Grimes to Frank Mathis and Joshua Bearman

1928 N. College St., $26,000, Laverne Malone to Jeffery J. Hawkins, attorney and trustee

2675 E. Geddes St., $20,000, Carol Logan and Arthur/Ardyth Kahler to Misty Lollar and William Lollar

4523 Hickory Place, $183,070, David A. Kubicki to Daniel R. Laird and Emily M. Ratliff

3865 E. Hickory St., $69,000, Susan P. and Martin Waller to Michael S. and Jacqueline I. Odum

730 S. Illinois St., $3,000, Shamaha Henderson to Danielle Stewart

1612 E. Locust St., $1,000, Narlean DeBerry and Demetric DeBerry to Jacob Tennin

56 Lynette Place, $147,500, Jason M. Eastwood and Sonja J. Eastwood to Khensirin Choodam

1610 S. Lynnwood Drive, $162,500, Paul D. Simcox, executor to Andrew P. Chiligiris, trustee

127 Madison Drive, $23,500, Karen Elizabeth Monfre to Legacy Investment Group LLC

5145 Melwood Court, $91,500, Billie R. Harmon to Duffy D. Smith

980 N. Moffitt Lane, $57,000, estate of Edna Joanne Moore, deceased to Guy M. Bretz

1109 N. Oakland Ave., $15,000, Donnie R. Cunningham to Platinum Realty and Property Management LLC

442 W. Prairie Ave., $26,000, Joseph Jesse to James D. Turner and Julie E. Turner

1592 Reidel Ave., $3,450, Cassandra Welborn to Rebecca A. Bird

2715 Rob Roy Place, $154,000, Katherine Overheul to Michael D. Swartz and Trisha D. Swartz

332 Rustic View Drive, $235,000,Donald L. Stamberger and Mary R. Stamberger to John B. Thornton and Malgorzata P. Thornton

1521 W. Sunset Ave., $75,000, Timothy Coziahr and Debra Coziahr to Midwest Associates LLC

3433 N. Taylor Road, $110,000, estate of Carol L. Pierce, deceased to Linda R. Weinman

54 Whippoorwill Drive, $59,000, estate of Richard S. Chestnut St. to Kelly J. Collins

2240 N. Wilder Ave., $64,500, Briana C. Wond fka Rodgers to Michael Schoneman and Leslie A. Schoneman

703 W. William St., $500, Chad Jones to Andrew Cook

834 S. 19th St., $20,000, Regions Bank to Billy K. Miner and Sandra K. Miner

Blue Mound

103 E. Burgess St., $51,500, Eldon E. Bandy and Janice S. Bandy to Michael W. Knutt Jr. 


451 Phillip Circle, $280,000, Eric Pries and Valerie J. Pries to Michele J. Anderson

818 Phillip Circle, $229,500, Wei Liu and Yong Hong Wang to Cartus Financial Corp. 

818 Phillip Circle, $229,500, Cartus Financial Corp. to Todd C. Davis and Lauren A. Davis


174 W. Andrews St., $115,000, Dennis L. and Anna M. Gregory to Shane R. Coffey


334 N. Maple St., $45,100, Macon County sheriff to Mary Ann Hall

404 Sycamore St., $265,000, Matthew W. Crawford and Hilary R. Crawford to Danny C. Conaway

Mount Zion

1430 N. Wildwood Drive, $228,000, Michael D. Burkham to Raymond Curtis Marley

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in March.

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