Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in May.


1831 Albany Court, $147,000, Wicker family trust and Karen Wicker trust to Donita Corman

1843 S. Baltimore Ave., $38,000, Marilyn K. Corley, Marcia L. Dillow and Marla L. Winkleblack to Donald L. Beiler Jr. and Rhonda S. Beiler

2365 S. Baltimore Ave., $277,000, Tara E. Tolly and Jason A. Tolly to Kyle Talleur and Ashley Talleur

23 Barclay Court, $57,000, Jason M. Volle to Susan L. Dean

4320 N. Bearsdale Road, $167,500, Dary W. Burnett and Diana L. Burnett to Christopher W. Edwards and Christine A. Edwards

505 Bradley Court, $169,000, Matthew S. Sykes and Jennifer V. Sykes to Merle A. Mixell and Melissa K. Mixell

1910 W. Center St., $35,000, Kendra Griffin to Robert E. Smart Jr. and Rebecca A. Smart

20 Central Drive, $52,000, Alexis M. Austin to Stephen M. Grimm

21 Circle Drive, $87,500, Timothy Earl Poundstone and Gail Louise Poundstone to Renee Saloka

2098 N. College St., $29,000, Norman Thomas Jones and Julie Lynne Jones to Salah Alkabsh

309 S. College St., $83,000, Joseph R. Gorden to Shannon Houser and Alicia Houser

253 Crescent Drive, $125,000, Madonna Lewis to Laree N. Jackson

333 W. Division St., $350, Rosie Anderson to Montel Connor

521 W. Division St., $7,900, Agarwal Properties LLC to Stacey R. Sapp

1709 W. Division St., $9,150, estate of Barbara A. Penny to Mitchell R. Sloan

3471 Doneta Ave., $62,500, Melvin E. Lohse to Cory J. Hollis

1630 W. Evandale Drive, $79,500, Erick Blackwell to Brock D. Baer

2262 Grandview Drive, $88,500, Deidrae S. Mabon to Tyler M. Albright

3237 E. Greenlake Court, $136,500, Kathy L. Lowe to Jeffrey S. Brandsasse

6675 E. Gustin Ave., $96,000, Cody W. Burns to Neil A. Jones

3611 Hardy St., $48,000, A&M Real Estate to Marissa A. Wallace

3204 E. Harrison Ave., $68,000, Barry D. Phipps to Joseph L. Luedke

1459 Jasper St., $25,000, BT Investments LLC to Kasandra Jenkins

1226 Jennell Drive, $100,000, Macon County public administrator to Janet M. Searl

2560 Lake Reunion Parkway, $680,000, Marvin James Derrick and Kathy Lynne Derrick to Christopher M. Cuddy and Patricia Courtney Gaine

3734 E. Lake Shore Drive, $119,000, David G. Hinkle and Barbara M. Hinkle to Katie Smith

8055 Lehman Road, $113,000, Timothy Southerland and Heidi Southerland to Cody Burns

425 S. Linden Ave., $78,500, Brandon M. Huber to Emily Hahn

2116 N. Main St., $8,801, Macon County sheriff to Ann Schiro

2140 N. Main St., $18,500, Lillian M. Whitney to Karla Thomas

6205 Mayflower Drive, $140,000, Robb-Ling Inc. to David Mark Kelley and Samantha Kaye Kelley

5542 Melwood Ave., $53,000, Robert L. Walls and Betty L. Walls to Timothy J. Sykes

721 S. Miller Court, $21,300, Adele K. Manks to RBR Properties

3654 N. Moundford Ave., $70,000, estate of Elsie A. Olschesky to Rodney A. Snow and Jacqueline S. Snow

617 S. Nelson Blvd., $56,000, Michael D. Hutchins and Kathy J. Hutchins to James R. Ernst Jr.

1603 E. North St., $10,000, Andrew R. Hendrian to Jeffrey Mathews

3990 N. Northbrook Drive, $133,000, Hussien Elhoussien and Van Anh Nguyen to Christian J. Konopka

2036 Ramsey Drive, $47,500, Ruth Raleigh to Vieweg Real Estate LLC

3965 Sandcreek Road, $168,500, Helen Murphy to Jordan K. Sheradan and Paige N. Sheraden

2145 N. Summit Ave., $60,050, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Casey Reynders

176 N. Taylor Ave., $133,500, Matthew R. Grossman to Andrew Garren

1048 W. Tuttle St., $17,500, Romilta Bernice Pistorius to Micarol Copeland

4597 Walton Drive, $58,500, William D. Doty estate, deceased, to Kathy L. Lowe

2381 Warwick Drive, $114,000, Stephen Briggs and Mary T. Briggs to Nhi Tuong Nguyen

849 S. Webster St., $9,000, Bourne Enterprises LLC to 2GF1 LLC

163 White Pine Circle, $154,500, Sean M. Hayes to Cartus Financial Corp.

163 White Pine Circle, $154,500, Cartus Financial Corp. to Kevin D. Knop and Donna J. Knop

2533 E. William St., $24,000, Charles J. Lynch and Marlene L. Lynch to Richard Lee Fisher

4510 Williamsburg Drive, $186,250, Samuel and Jeanna Funk to Jay and Jamie Allison

2966 N. Wilson Ave., $75,000, Gemma Burke to Rita Marie Burke

5730 W. Wood St., $76,900, Jeffrey Binkley and Mary Binkley to Ashley Younker

46 Woodhill Court, $107,000, Timothy and Christine J. Venverloh to Elizabeth Ann Swarthout

3110 Woodland Shores Drive, $390,000, Sigmund J. Peterson to David L. Logan

725 S. 17th St., $10,000, Ashton Moretti, FKA Poling, to Bach Investment Group LLC

2048 N. 31st St., $41,000 (contract dated 2012), Benjamin Devore to James M. Banning Sr. and Donyal L. Banning

6605 E. Route 36, $82,500, Scott A. Durbin and Penny S. Durbin to Ryan N. Hartman


480 E. Broadway Ave., $134,000, Lawrence R. Slemp and Sherry Slemp to Ryan Cooksey


80 Hickory Point Court, $212,000, Julie A. Lakshmanan to Jordan Drew and Jessica Whightsil


231 E. Sherman St., $60,000, Dawn M. Book to Marajye and Angela Cobb

12161 Tally Court, $58,000, Elizabeth D. Van Avery to Mikal R. Harden


322 W. Jackson St., $45,000, Thomas R. Ferrill and Tracy L. Ferrill to Tami J. Matthews and Jeffrey S. Matthews

308 W. Lincoln St., $162,000, Beverly R. Dial to Timothy and Cailin Peasley

411 S. Walnut St., $18,000, Ruth F. Foster to Gerald Wayne Lane

Mount Zion

430 Debby Drive, $113,000, David K. Tague and Phyllis A. Tague to Joshua C. Byers and Stacy K. Byers

5572 Gateway Drive, $150,000, Mary A. Allen fka Mary A. Mogged to Carey M. Flesch and Richard T. Kus

225 W. Main St., $85,000, Cecil R. Barr and Alice M. Barr to Amber Mendenhall 

1355 Nolan Court, $167,000, Thomas M. Wenskunas and Shirley Wenskunas to Enos E. Pennypacker and Joyce M. Pennypacker

1480 Silver Leaf Ave., $1,300,000, Cindy K. Lewis to CSJH Trust

1075 S. Wildwood Drive, $152,000, Brandon S. Holtfreter and Katy Holtfreter to Regan Radtke

521 Woodland Court, $95,000, Prestige Property Investors LLC to William E. Lacey and Carolyn A. Lacey


11622 N. Kenney Road, $140,000, Matthew D. Lawrence to Janet K. Lawrence

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