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Real estate transfers

Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

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133 Bretton Court, $117,000, Larry E. and Eloise Warfield to James Boatman, IV

5150 W. Cantrell St., $177,000, Michael Thomas Brincken to Eric Neill

3310 E. Chestnut Ave., $42,573, Adam Haynes to Timothy A. Walker 

3876 E. Corman St., $85,000, Donna Sperry to Michelle Treadway

552 N. Country Club Road, $159,000, Sharon L. Beatty to Xavier Otto Chism

4622 Cresthaven Lane, $170,000, David O. and Marlys K. Wessels to Samuel S. and Ruth Poland Baum

724 Crystal Court, $270.000, Michael D. and Sharon J. Bonds Heger and Sharon to James Drone 

735 W. Decatur St., $580,000, 735 W. Decatur, LLC to Ade Investment, LCC

2575 Deerfield Court, $179,000, Drusilla Hollingsworth TO Melinda Mosley 

2196 N. Dennis Ave., $120,000, Ashley C. Patton to Talyia Green 

1328 E. Division St., $2,000, The Wilk Co. of Illinois, LTD to Andrea Washington

2245 S. File Drive, $82,000, Megan Bowden to Jonathan Crest

1246 Florida Ave., $32,100, Elizabeth Mears to Thomas W. and Heather Seitz, Jr

330 W. Garfield Ave., $13,000, The Acciavatti Trust dated Oct. 30, 2009 to Solid Rock Holdings, LLC

1645 W. Garfield Ave., $55,000, Julie Price to Darian Shaw

304 Greenway Lane, $380,000, Christopher Entler to Janay and Christina Gause

351 Hackberry Place, $158,000, Amanda Kremer Frazier to Vincent G. and Kayla Salmieri

1033 E. Harrison Ave., $30,000, Brian Eugene Lindbeck to Stefan Begovac and Brittiny Prothro

737 W. Harold Circle, $180,000, Yvonne M. Ranney to William Goetsch and Sara Tharp

1628 Home Park Ave., $110,000, Bruce R. and Debra K. Whitney to Barbara A. Goodwin

122 Isabella Drive, $75,000, Valerie Doran to Elizabeth Herbord

758 E. Johns Ave., $12,000, Four Season Rentals, LLC to Denise and Oswald Fisher

1255 E. Johns Ave., $20,000, Donna M. and Lawrence G. McGentry to Daitos Enterprise, LLC

4290 E. Lakewood Ave., $38,000 (contract 2017), Jeff Freeman to Cody Richert

4290 Lakewood Ave., $37,200, Cody Richert to Dane Michael Barrett

279 S. Linden Ave., $67,000, David and Anne Matthews to Lena J. Rotramel and Justin E. Hayes

1553 W. Main St., $167,000, Bradley and Samantha Knackmuhs to Carol Laquardia

2116 W. Marietta St., $105,000, Melissa L. Hayes nka Melissa Schulz to Christopher D. Hart

31 Medial Place, $80,000, Kristina Whitney to Jennifer Munjoy 

62 Medial Drive, $66,500, Matilda Growth Management Corporation to Peyton Lamb

1686 Midland Road, $160,000, Glen D. Cox to Alexia B. Todd and Rusty Hill

752 S. Miller Court, $15,000, Robert A. and Mary Yeager to Timothy M. Vieweg

3686 N. Moundford Ave., $99,000, Estate of Lenora K. Gentry to Oscar Vargus Abalos

10 Northern Drive, $60,000, Debra Rathje to Tre Cawvey-Bullock

2224 Oaklawn Drive, $69,000, Carolyn S. Selby to Noel Oettle 

2261 W. Packard St., $134,500, James F. and Carolyn Kresse to John D. Campbell

7 E. Pepperidge Court, $41,000, Dewitt Savings Bank to Liberty Home Properties, LLC

3510 S. Periwinkle Court, $93,500, Casa Development LLC to William and Jessica Gaitros 

420 Powers Lane, $57,000, Estate of Michael D. Hagen, deceased to Arthur Hatcher 

230 S. Redwood Lane, $111,000, Kimberly A. Mangan to Matthew D. Holman and Lisa Welch

103 Ridgeway Drive, $150,000, Steven E. and Laurie Brady to Eric James Walters

1351 W. Riverview Ave., $95,000, Kirstin A. Jurgensen to Emma Jane Collier

1575 W. Riverview Ave., $85,700, Donna K. Bellessa to Angel Jackson 

4677 E. Rosewood Road, $70,000, Elizabeth Rambo nka Elizabeth Lowry and Anthony Fratini to Gerald Hardwick

309 S. Saint Marie St., $87,500, Bob A. Mathias to Robert W. Scott III

3850 N. Skippy Drive, $112,000, Ryan W. Fraiedrich to Jonathan Logue

158 Southland Drive, $70,000, Jeffrey J. Park to Infinity Grounds LLC

111 S. Stevens Ave., $151,000, Kaylee Sangster to Joshua Willis 

1330 N. Summit Ave., $580,000, Renowned Holdings, LLC - Series 5 to Ade Investment, LLC

1920 Venus Court, $139,500, Fred E. and Christy J. Worrell to Matthew and Kaelee Queary

133 N. Western Ave., $90,119, Gary W. and Shari Bowen to Jennifer and Joseph Albright

2120 E. Whitmer St., $10,500, Steve Halford to Darrius Cliff

601 E. William St., $650,000, Lee Enterprises Incorporated, Decatur Newspapers Inc., and Lee Enterprises dba Decatur Herald and Review to Prairie State Bank and Trust 

7350 W. William St., $123,500, Cheryl J. Cathcart to Mildren and Ralph Challans

1804 and 1812 E. William St., $12,000, Melvin Keith and Sandra Jean Johnson, trustees to Stephen R. Johnson

2878 E. Wood St., $48,000, Ronald H. Goldsborough to Lincoln Land Trust

1150 N. 19th St., $13,000, Staci J. Dick to Michael D. Dick and Rachel Sattley

1404 N. 24th St., $8,500, John F. Garrison to FJ Properties of Illinois LLC, Series #5 

489 N. 34th St., $85,000, William S. and GuiselleHaws to Debra Powell

1255 S. 44th St., $17,000, Debra Rathje to Naomi and Phil Workman

1275 S. 44th St., $13,000, Debra Rathje to Naomi and Phil Workman


4585 S. Taylor Road, $150,000, Jennifer L. Stern and Joelle Harris to Kim E. Wierman 


922 Stevens Creek Circle, $410,000, Mark Adamczak to Brian Sweeley 


248 E. Cook St., $74,000, ASO Holdings, Inc. a Georgia Corporation to Amber R. Call 


419 S. Oak St., $145,000, Richard E. Young to Laura Anderson 

Mount Zion 

210 Bell Court, $110,000, Thomas W. and Barbara P. McKay to Gracie and George Lee

1035 Country Manor Drive, $245,000, Andrew and Caroline Bruder to Gavin Wright 

1020 Dee Lee Lane, $148,000, Joseph W. and Rhonda J. Hodge to James E. and Amy R. Gahwiler 


Niantic Township, $10,000 (land only) Linda Jo Hinton to Jacob Eckhart 


300 W. Plains Drive, $105,000, Shara Diana Oyler to David W. and Tamla E. Hoffman 


264 N. West St., $120,000, Mary Evelyn Sandlin Robbins to Cole R. Bishop

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in Sept. 

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