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48 Allen bend Drive, $158,500, Rita Schwake to Claudia J. Curry, trustee of Claudia J. Curry Revocable Living Trust

8 Arizona Drive, $50,000, Judy Burdick, Cheryl Herigodt, Dave Colvin, Cecelia Colvin, Randy Colvin, Tobias Colvin and Christina Colvin to Justin R. and Leslie A. Powell

2327 Baker Drive, $82,500, Jay M. Sibthorp to James E. Horve

4770 Barberry Court, $183,000, Vincent Kung to James P. Brandenburg and Jennifer Anne Brandenburg

4790 Beacon Drive, $105,000, Paul Caswell to Tamela D. Drake

4235 Briar Lane, $1,000, George William Jacobs to David Becker to Brenda Kay Jacobs

1980 Buckhead Lane, $35,000, Romano Family limited partnership to Lucas J. Williams and Lindsey Williams

3950 E. Cantrell St., $116,500, Ronald W. Guffey and Vickie A. Guffey to Kirk S. Cyrulik

1658 Cooper Drive, $81,500, estate of Violet M. Vording, deceased, to Alyssa D. Bird

64 N. Country Club Road, $32,000, Betty J. Cook to Chad A. Baker

909 W. Cushing St., $11,000, Dominique McMillon to Richard A. Robinson

244 S. Dennis Ave., $32,777, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eyapaha Solutions LLC

13 Diane Road, $97,500, Ray S. Inman Jr. to Doris J. Purdeu

5 Ewing Place, $77,500, Steven E. Brown to David Gene Gordy Martin

1111 W. Forest Ave., $12,500, Sandra L. Sorrell to Micarol Copeland

2615 S. Forrest Green Drive, $109,000, estate of Stanley E. Metz, deceased, to Karley M. Brady and Christopher J. Kite

1505 W. Garfield Ave., $13,101, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dalton Zindars

2522 N. Hill Ave., $65,000, William E. Wade to Robert W. Massey and Michelle L. Massey

6202 W. Hill Road, $62,000 (contract dated 2014), Adam Floyd, Teara Floyd and Scott Barringer to Kathy Reiss and Kristen Mosser

3249 Kathy Court, $60,000, Jean L. Drew to Beau D. Smalley

4003 E. Kresin Court, $96,810, Timothy L. Rogers and Cynthia E. Rogers to Trust of KJS

35 Lake Point Court, $250,000, Daniel L. Perryman to Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust number 5675

153 N. Lake Shore Drive, $72,000, Charles L. Heidlebaugh and Lutti Heidlebaugh to Michael B. Stewart and Melissa B. Stewart

836 W. Leafland Ave., $50,000, Kurtis Field and Christen Bolander-Field to Ramon Valdez

2303 E. Locust St., $38,000, Dottie E. Coleman to Mervis Industries Inc.

98 Madison Drive, $40,500, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Alfred D. Powell Jr.

731 W. Main St., $73,500, Zarndt Rentals LLC to James Gleeson

1605 N. Maple Ave., $9,000, Gilbert Escobar to Felicia Maeling Booker

95 Meadow Terrace Drive, $55,000, Chad S. Keller and Jill M. Keller to Patricia A. Fornwalt

772 S. Miller Court, $8,500, Donovan Draper LLC to JJ & CC Enterprises LLC

4727 Mission Drive, $170,000, George R. Karr and Gwendolyn D. Karr to Hyung Tak Kim

1455 E. Moore St., $20,000, Louis H. Pullins and Marcia K. Pullins to John E. Ward and Barbara Ward

120 W. Mound Road, $500,000, Ronald L. Oliver to Mound Road Properties

140 W. Mound Road, $180,000, Kennard N. Davis to Mound Road Properties LLC

2445 E. Mound Road, $70,777, executor of the estate of Elaine Kostenski to Brad Daniel Welch

1777 Moundford Court, $113,000, Majdi A. Qattum and Akram R. Kattom to Joshua J. Sharpe and Jamie L. Sharpe

2533 S. Nantucket Drive, $115,000, Elizabeth Johnson to Virginia M. Bauer

23 Nolen Drive, $105,000, Joseph S. Oyler to Mildred L. Cole

2225 Oaklawn Drive, $62,900, Donald L. Whiteman, co-executor of estate of Robert L. Whiteman, to Elizabeth M. Stanley

2248 Oaklawn Drive, $45,000, Gary Hively to Vicki L. Knox

2325 E. Olive St., $8,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to William B. Atchison

3010 E. Orchard Drive, $84,000, Simon LLC to Kennard Davis and Sharon Davis

1075 W. Packard Drive, $52,000, Connie J. Gandy to Devlin McKee

1362 W. Pershing Road, $65,500, Kevin and Kimberly J. Bridges to David Loren Chapman

2985 Primrose Lane, $116,000, Dennis H. McClure and Marilyn M. McClure to Stephen P. House and Kathryn M. House

2060 Ramsey Drive, $68,250, Stephen P. House and Kathryn M. House to Jennifer L. Bledsaw

231 S. Redwood Lane, $87,000, Brenda D. Tyus to Chad S. Keller and Jill M. Keller

1939 Shore Oak Drive, $417,500, Claudia J. Curry, trustee of the Claudia J. Curry revocable living trust, dated Oct. 19, 2006, to David M. Naber

1423 E. Vanderhoof St., $11,000, Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee, to Dustin L. Legrande

3552 N. Water St., $128,000, Roger L. Trusner and Kathleen A. Trusner to Benard McKinley Sr.

4672 White Oak Lane, $105,000, Kirk S. Cyrulik to Nathan G. Moran and Rachel M. Barter

1617 E. Whitmer St., $5,500, Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee, to Chastina M. Ealey, trustee

953 N. Wilder Ave., $62,000, Robert D. Cox to Frank A. Delise

2911 E. Wood St., $58,000, Zetamae D. Williams to Jams N. Palagi Jr.

7455 W. Wood St., $48,000, Elizabeth J. Walsh to Steven L. Brown

76 Woodhill Court, $117,000, Jesus Buenrostro to Midland State Bank, GOE of Amyllah Brown, a minor

629 S. Wyckles Road, $49,500, Richard Carter Kristin S. Carter to Ryan Stolz

1411 S. 31st St., $155,000, Henry D. Shoot and Sherry L. Shoot to Shannon D. Goss 


284 S. North St., $86,500, Robert K. Wagers and Shawna R. Wagers to Tammy M. Baum

321 E. Park, $107,900, Allison Nein to Joshua Lipe


906 W. Forsyth Parkway, $32,500, Steve Horve Builders to James J. Comerford and Mary R. Comerford

524 Greenbrier Lane, $332,500, Richard N. Peebles and Rhonda S. Peebles to James P. Regan and Ann M. Regan

156 Jack Lane, $289,600, Marcos E. Hori to David C. Stenger

430 Park Place Court, $205,000, William M. Hickman and Peggy S. Hickman to Sandra Weise

5253 Yavapai Drive, $175,000, Michael J.C. Smith and Ruth C. Smith to William H. Camp and Martha J. Camp


166 W. Eckhardt St., $34,000, MILOP2 LLC to Sharon K. Law


223 W. Main St., $61,000, Patricia J. Evans Jones to Lisa M. Maurer

Mount Zion

604 Burgener Drive, $36,000, Joan Etherton to Derrick Bradshaw

1610 Kingwood Court, $131,000, Mary Louise Whitacre to Tia D. Agee

597 Mintler Drive, $120,000, Mildred L. Cole to Aaron S. Burdick and Kathryn R. Baird

1665 Westside Drive, $120,000, John E. Byler and Hye-Seung Byler to Ngoc Thoai Nguyen and Ngoc Thuyen Nguyen


266 E. North St., $90,000, Katherine P. Betz to Jay M. Sibthorp and Stephanie K. Sibthorp

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in Sept.

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