3961 Bayview Drive, $45,000, Doris M. Scharein to Chester Hutchins and Janice Hutchins

4560 N. Butler Drive, $121,000, Tucker Asset Management LLC to John H,. Callison and Alysia K. Callison

237 Cobb Ave., $120,000, Randi J. Johnston to Matthew N. Kotys

10 Colorado Drive, $80,000, Sherri Tate to Kathryn Salogga

4169 Doneta Ave., $169,500, Robert D. Cooper and Donna R. Cooper to Jenifer A. Day

831 W. Eldorado St., $12,700, Charles E. Durbin, independent administrator, to David R. Gilman and Bruce G. Bullamore

2520 S. File Drive, $91,000, Justin M. Kraus to Seth E. Brozio and Rhonda S. Brozio

1645 W. Garfield Ave., $6,700, RVFM 13 Series LLC to Stacey Wenskunas

1453 E. Grand Ave., $3,000, Vivian A. Weaber to Transformation Life Changes Cares 4 You

1274 W. Green St., $8,050, Lincoln Land Illinois Trust to Lincoln A. Lee Jr.

740 E. Grove Road, $183,000, Kevin Peters and Debra S. Peters to Aaron A. Sigfried

4456 Hale Drive, $155,000, Elizabeth K. Gipson and Matthew T. Gipson to Anh V. Nguyen, Alita Nguyen and Anh M. Nguyen

546 S. Haworth Ave., $33,000, Willie Aaron Taylor, Carolyn Palmer, Leon Palmer, Betty Murrell, Linda Taylor, Patricia Palmer, Tami Farmer and Algie Palmer Jr. to Algie Palmer Jr.

1829 E. Johns Ave., $38,500 (contract dated 2004), Ed Beasley to Dona Bement

2249 N. Kenwood Court, $129,900, Barry L. McCammon and Lila R. McCammon to Jeffrey A. Kuhns and Sonya R. Kuhns

3009 Kingsley Drive, $79,000, Cary Moore to Donald D. Williams and Nancy J. Williams

3020 Lakeland Road, $59,500, Patricia A. Curry to David E. Bunning

2421 E. Main St., $12,000, Virginia A. Carter to Nichole G. and Robert C. Renn

834 S. Maffit St. and 906 E. Lincoln Ave., $18,000 (contract dated 2012), Phillip Kite to Phillip James Allen an Annette M. Havener

834 S. Maffit St. and 906 E. Lincoln Ave., $8,000, Phillip Allen and Annette Allen to Tyis Matthews and Teresa Matthews

1525 N. McClellan Ave., $2,000, Shawn S. Brown to Bennie O. Smith

1525 N. McClellan Ave., $5,000, Bennie O. Smith to William B. Atchison

561 S. McClellan St., $11,000, Midfirst Bank to Tiffany Marie Spalding and Christopher Damon Bell

1535 W. Melrose Court, $18,000, 11T IL, LLC, to Yuliana Hernandez

4345 Mount Auburn Road, $135,000, Joel M. Zeigler and Joel Zeigler to Crystal Green

5777 Railroad St., $8,000, Vinod C. Gupta to Ethan Funkhouser

743 E. Rogers Ave., $10,000, Heirs/legatees by Sheila N. Hodges to Isaac Hudson

1164 E. Rogers Ave., $50,000, Wayne E. Carter and Cathy S. Carter to Joshua Jess

15 Southside Country Club, $75,000, Edwina Burg to Kenneth R. Hatcher and Cheryl L. Hatcher

145 N. Taylor Ave., $47,733, Julie R. Rope to P. Bruce Campbell

4600 S. Taylor Road, $55,000, Elaine L. McClain to Larry D. Duncan

2857 N. 26th St., $50,000, Troy K. Rohr and Noemi H. Rohr to James R. Pettyjohn

250 N. 34th St., $92,000, Monica R. Shaw Jeffrey A. Shaw to Barry L. McCammon and Lila R. McCammon

2446 S. 34th St., $88,000, Teresa L. Patton to Tamara Chandler


345 W. Forsyth Road, $148,000, Lizeth Kinney, fka Leon, to Jackie Haines

672 Jacobs Way, $186,000, Scott A. Deal and Judy Deal to Jeffery C. Buhnerkempe and Emily Buhnekempe


380 E. Cook St., $69,000, Ater Properties LLC to Terri L. Turner

150 W. Dunn St., $108,000Mary Jane Cole Trust to M. Sue Cole and Brad Cole


121 S. Maple St., $60,000, Barbara and Jack Lamont to Barbara Malone and Shawn Harris

Mount Zion

815 East Drive, $129,900, John L. Borders and Barbara J. Borders to Andrew E. Pygott and Stacy L. Pygott

835 East Drive, $66,500, Jill A. Kotys, fka Scribner, to Rachel A. Funk

840 East Drive, $123,900, Ryan Lott and Karyn Lott to Christopher J. Damron and Kailey R. Spangenberg

665 Elm St., $480,000, GS Business Group LLC to Linnea C. Harris

690 Elm St., $116,000, GS Business Group LLC to Linnea C. Harris

305 May Court, $72,000, Leonard D. Pickerill and Victoria L. Pickerill to Debra L. Koin

680 Pearl Court, $264,200, Casa Development LLC to Jonathan R. Wills and Ashley R. Wills


105 W. North St., $55,000, Linda Kay Kelm and Bobby D. Kelm to Todd B. Garner and Heather L. Mihal

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in Aug.