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3745 Bowman Road, $127,000, James A. Smith and Megan M. Ratts to Eric D. Kelly and Breanna J. Stewart

3600 W. Catherine St., $87,000, Terry D. Rhodes to Maggie Rhodes

43 N. Country Club Road, $185,000, Steven A. Watts and Susan L. Watts to Sergio Javier Gonzalez Guth

2479 De Soto Court, $75,000, Mikel A. Bosler to Cartus Financial Corp. 

2479 De Soto Court, $75,000, Cartus Financial Corp. to Daniel K. Dykstra and Rita E. Dyskstra

2175 E. Decatur St., $29,500, Mark and Kelley Brooks to Thomas W. Seitz Jr. and Heather Seitz

20 Dellwood Drive, $122,500, Steven P. and Julia L. Danenberger and David A. Willian and Michelle Willian

326 W. Division St., $20,000, J&H Properties of IL LLC to Good Adventures Series LLC

3285 Dove Drive, $27,000, U.S. Bank N.A. trustee to Juan Negrete

5 First Drive, $67,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Justin M. Greene

2410 E. Geddes Ave., $6,000, Martha J. Petrowski to Susan D. Knorr

229 S. Glencoe Ave., $110,000, Gary D. Wright and Jane L. Wright to John Lewis

16 Glenview Drive, $70,000, Prairie Land Enterprises LLC to Gayle Ann Albert

1904 W. Grand Ave., $43,500 (contract dated 2013), John H. Sellers and Cindy C. Sellers to Gary L. Wood and Barbara A. Wood

4354 Huston Hills Road, $90,000, Estate of Lloyd W. Powell to Kevin H. Knell and Christy A. Knell

1903 Indiana Court, $7,500, Ellen Maureen Grabowski nka Ellen Tish to B. Sue Gharst Family Trust

29 Lynette Drive, $92,500, William C. Kaufman and Denise L. Kaufman to Theodore E. Paine and Georgiana V. Paine

1516 W. Macon St., $127,000, Jack L. Bankson to Rolanda L. McGee

63 Madison Drive, $41,000, Carolyn and Kim Ashburn to Jeremy W. Kirkland and Michael T. Wilhoit

1410 E. Main St., $3,000, Jennifer Landis to Margaret Clark

2045 W. Main St., $68,000, Michael F. Gremo to Mark Alan Boline

2429 N. Maple St., $40,000, Clare J. Hoffer to Norman L. Moore

6145 Mayflower Drive, $116,900, Robb-Ling Inc. to Erin R. Lingenfelter

791 S. Miller Court, $24,000, J&H Properties of IL LLC to Good Adventures Series LLC

2247 N. Monroe St., $25,600, Mark W. Rade, Sandra K. Jacobs, Kathy L. Ditty, Martha E. Dalton and Dawna L. Wilkerson to Mark Younker and Pam Younker

2625 N. Monroe St., $60,000, Darlene J. McIntyre to Christopher Smith and Christie A. Smith

1133 E. Mueller St., $7,500, Gary W. Edwards to David Williams and Leslie Eissien

2424 E. North St., $9,750, Gary W. Edwards to David Williams and Leslie Eissien

3818 N. Northbrook Drive, $80,500, Timothy M. Rhodes and Tonya J. Rhodes to Adrien Q. Payne

71 Northland Drive, $82,000, estate of Dolores Hughes to Jacqueline R. Mathern

1719 Oakmont Drive, $227,000, in care of Record & Jankowicz to Nancy F. Rem

1421 Post Court, $240,000 (contracted 2010), John Kevin Hughey and Camda Temmen Hughey to Lincoln Land Illinois Trust

135 E. Prairie Ave. Unit 4, $82,750, Mark Kemp to Stephen P. Clevenger and Monica N. Clevenger

2016 Ramsey Drive, $79,900, Suzan M. Stickle to Margaret Kendall

1376 E. Riverside Ave., $25,000 (contract dated 2015), Diane L. Rushing to Rachel L. Deetz

4433 W. Rock Springs Road, $282,688, Jack D Walton Jr. and Peggy A. Walton to Jay D. Billingsley and Amber Billingsley

7 Sandhill Drive, $129,000, Shirley A. Cox to Gregory L. Bradley and Victoria L. Bradley

4540 Shadow Drive, $107,500, JDA LLC to Jerry G. Price Sr. and Florence A. Price

93 Southland Drive, $83,500, Jeffrey J. Park and Sheree R. Park to Lance Gauble and Rebecca Gauble

2931 E. Wallace St., $20,000, heirs and devisees of Lois Aileen Harris, deceased to Matt Kuzel

2351 Warwick Drive, $97,500, Elmer Bausch to Larry Hayes and Susan Hayes

15 Whippoorwill Drive, $22,100, CR 2018 LLC to Bach Investment Group LLC

1506 S. 35th St., $63,000, Joann Brownlow to David L. Harris

Dalton City

4080 85th St., $245,000, Thomas L. Trendler and Patrica Trendler to Scott L. Harms and Sara Harms


361 Phillip Circle, $243,500, Roby Jose and Neena Varghese to Cartus Financial Corp. 


415 E. Jackson St., $15,000, Dores L. Agee to Richard E. Young

482 W. Washington St., $50,000, Ruth A. Wilson and J. Leroy Wilson to William H. Osborn and Brenda Joy Osborn

Mount Zion

560 Burgener Drive, $121,000, Donald W. Emmons and Teresa G. Emmons to Roy L. Small and Deborah S. Small

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in December.

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