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Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in July.


4966 Beacon Drive, $40,000, Donald C. White to Anthony Nelson and Heather Sullivan

140 Cobb Ave., $42,000, Carol A. Humphreys, POA, Maryalis Burgess and Carol A. Humphreys POA, to Stefanie Rohman

11 N. Country Club Road, $319,000, Dennis G. Hilderbrand and Christine Hilderbrand to Mihai Mihailescu and Ioana Mihailescu

17 Crestview Drive, $83,750, Rodrigo R. Soares and Beth Soares to Joshua D. Holland

1560 W. Decatur St., $44,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Charles Alexander Holste

3154 Eileen St., $133,000, Michael A. Dunn and Rebecca S. Dunn to William L. Long and Jamie N. Long

2624 S. Forrest Green Drive, $75,000, Janet W. Deakins, trustee of the Janet W. Deakins trust, Sept. 4, 2003, to Barry and Kristen Hitchens

3657 Fontenac Drive, $71,500, Donald G. Myers Jr., trustee, to Terry R. Byers and Alyssa Tener

28 Glenview Drive, $82,500, Frank H. Byers II trust to Karen Graham

1952 N. Gulick Ave., $6,000, Ryan Blankenship to Jessica Lee

1606 Heritage Drive, $107,000, Rick J. Finch to Travis D. Latshaw

1515 E. Johns Ave., $14,000, David E. Carter to Carol Reed

967 W. Karen Drive, $95,000, John E. Moody and Karen S. Moody to Alex J. Pozdoll

495 N. Lake Shore Drive, $30,505, Lynn A. Hiser to Steven R. Kelton

2194 W. Macon St., $34,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Andrew D. Cochran and Alison B. Cochran

1325 Manor Drive, $188,000, Rebecca L. Christian to Austin Ryan Byrns

1382 W. Marietta St., $26,500, Joseph Molinare to Simon LLC

3643 Meadowview Court, $160,000, Prairie State Bank and Trust, an Illinois Banking Corp., to Andrew Kerley and Courtney Kerley

5563 Melwood Ave., $86,000, Jason Dilbeck and Katie Dilbeck to James Lindgard

1609 W. Olive St., $47,900, Katherine I. Tolly to Matthew R. Tully

37 Ridge Lane Drive, $86,000, David R. Wence and Barbara J. Wence to Mark W. Jennings and Joyce E. Jennings

90 Ridge Lane Drive, $109,000, Paco J. Greenwell and Ryan Greenwell to Abby L. Wenneker and Donald W. Wenneker

112 Ridgeway Drive, $77,000, Andrew J. Stewart to Dakota S. Taylor

6705 Sherry Court, $168,500, Troy Stewart Teel to Benjamin Bone and Kalie L. Bone

1310 E. Vanderhoof St., $43,000, Midwest Properties of Central Illinois LLC to Earl M. Gray III

1110 N. Warren St., $36,000, Muhammad Sharif to Prairie Land Enterprises LLC

2065 W. Woodbine Drive, $127,500, Scott T. Nicol and Elizabeth J. Nicol to Christopher Tyus and Valerie Tyus

525 S. 22nd Place, $39,500, Stefanie Rohman to Adam M. Kelly


913 Stevens Creek Cir., $243,000, Daniel Feuerborn and Jennifer Feuerborn to R. Lee Smith

Mount Zion

635 Mintler Drive, $123,250, Christopher R. and Brittany A. Delatte to Samuel R. Robeson

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