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4887 Arbor Court, $90,000, Carol Lynn Stevens to Katherine K. Johnson

949 W. Cushing St., $7,500, Angela L. Hott, guardian of the estate of Connie R. Sallee, to Toby E. Sallee

6423 Cypress Court, $325,000, James Craig and Casandra Craig to David Kostenski and April Kostenski

3565 Doneta Ave., $55,000, Melissa T. Keays to Kaylin Cunningham

2959 Doral Court, $130,000, estate of Margaret C. Dewey to Nancy J. Benson

24 Edgewood Court, $135,000, Vickie R. Clark to Andrew Wagers and Amy R. Wagers

20 W. Enlow Drive, $55,000, Martin J. Davis to Patricia A. Davis and Mary S. Davis

2403 W. Forest Ave, $29,685, Karen R. Goodman, bankruptcy trustee, to P. Bruce Campbell and Elizabeth A. Campbell

1619 W. Harrison Ave., $78,000, Norma E. Zindars trust to Jerry D. Applebee and John D. Ferger Jr.

1615 E. Hickory St., $3,000, Tony Hewson to Matthew McDaniel

252 Hickorywood Drive, $122,000, Larry Bricker and Janiss Bricker to Brian Personette an Nina Personette

64 Hillcrest Way, $88,000, Joseph G. Northington to Dustin Q. Lee

450 Kelly Court, $108,000, Loretta S. Spears and Randy Allen Spears to John L. Cook Jr.

4926 E. Lost Bridge Road, $118,000, Janna S. Drew to Sterling M. Strumpher

3055 Lakeland Road, $84,000, Cody Abernathy to John Pinkston

1989 W. Macon St., $92,500, George P. Simpson and Suzanne L. Simpson to Benjamin Garrett

904 E. Marlin Drive, $47,500, Jimmy A. Frank to Midland Trust Co.

1431 Masters Lane, $125,000, James A. Bernhardt and Patricia L. Bernhardt to Paul T. Hagenbach and Maryrose Hagenbach

789 W. Olive St., $27,500, Nelda Pogue estate to Evelyn Christine Fonville

248 Silver Drive, $120,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to James G. Turner

3708 W. Ravina Park Road, $97,500, Ray Inman and Marjorie Inman to Andrew Mueller

2406 S. Richmond Road, $140,577, Dennis R. Drew to Leah Lutz

1445 W. Riverview Ave., $46,500, Elaine L. Voelker to Brown, Hawkins and Basola

494 Shoreline Drive, $225,000, Joann D. Luttrell to Dewaine C. Ellis and Evelyn R. Ellis

2695 Timber Ridge Drive, $235,000, David L. Kostenski and April L. Kostenski to James R. Culbertson and Carolyn R. Culbertson

3045 Turpin Road, $112,000, Brenda K. Sexton to Kyler E. Rawls

2136 N. Union St., $12,500, Gratha V. Farmer to Brandon L. Powell

960 W. View St., $2,999, FX1 LLC to Michael Alan Thompson

5005 E. William St. Road, $120,000, Katheryn F. Zeidler to Michael W. Wigginton and Vickie Wigginton

1308 W. Wise Road, $285,000, estate of Tomas F. McCarthy, deceased, to Thomas Fogerson and P. Suzie Fogerson

328 N. 18th St., $11,500, Heather N. Emmerich to Mark Kaufman

Dalton City

9722 McDonald Road, $172,000, Jane E. Cole to Jessica S. Krutsinger


7980 W. 4th St., $36,000, John Schooley to David Forbes


4027 Blue Mound Road, $155,000, Hazel J. Carroll to Steven K. Carroll and Michelle R. Carroll


315 W. Washington St., $191,000, Dennis L. Place and Marcee A. Place to Eric D. Smith and Elizabeth K. Smith

247  N. Wood St., $26,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeremy Leathers

Mount Zion

1480 Alexander Drive, $235,000, Randall M. Johnson and Leigh R. Johnson to Alan C. Hogan and Shayna E. Hogan

675 Country Court, $164,000, the Cripe Family Living Trust to Elizabeth Daniels

735 Mill St., $156,000, TA.02.0200301 to Joe Northington and Morgan Northington


1914 Buckles Drive, $90,000, Waddell Bros. trust, c/o James Waddell, to Kelvin and Marion Knobloch

107 E. North St., $12,000, William R. and Velma A. Smith to Michael B. Lowe and Sara E. Lowe


5 Westmoor Court, $112,000, Tyrel Garoutte and Rosemarie R. Garoutte to Joseph S. Oyler

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in Oct.

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