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Real Estate Transfers

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in January.


858 W. Allphin Ave., $54,000, Bruce Caylor, et al, to Keith Mullins

4480 Briar Lane, $280,000, Randall J. Tague and Shawnda L. Tague to James W. Warner and Vickie Vickers-Warner

9555 Bruce Road, $235,000, Jon Snoeyenbos and Sue S. Massie, as co-trustees of the Mary R. Snoeyenbos revocable living trust, to Westley A. Watkins and Jennifer R. Watkins

3915 Cambridge Court, $79,000, Lisa Landacre to Mason L. Ledbetter and Brenda Ledbetter

205 N. Camp St., $54,000, Bank of America NA to Sharon Blair

3856 Constant View Drive, $53,000, estate of Juanita C. Johnson, aka Juanita Cole Johnson, to Edwin J. Highcock and Linda L. Highcock

270 N. Country Club Road, $70,000 (contract dated Oct. 2016), Lincoln Land Illinois Land Trust to Steven Z. Pugsley and Carolyn A. Pugsley

1265 W. Grand Ave., $18,000, Moljan Ventures Inc. to Eric Hurelbrink and Catherine Hurelbrink

1586 W. Harrison Ave., $95,000, Eddie L. Lewis Jr. to Shahani M. Barton

845 W. Harper Ave., $20,000, Paula Percival, Bradley N. Percival and Pamela J. Baker, heirs of Priscilla D. Percival, deceased, to Kenneth Cox and Charles Cox

240 E. Kellar Lane, $56,312, Nicholas A. O'Neill to Jamie Neeley

1951 King Arthur Court, $20,000, Woodrow P. Washburn to Gregory M. Washburn

3009 Kingsley Drive, $71,000, Carol Moore Jr. to Cary A. Moore

3442 E. Leafland Ave., $113,000, Darwin D. Force and Donna V. Force to Rickey Dickerson and Julie Dickerson

2035 W. Leafland Ave., $35,000, Heidi Jane Hinrichs to Cindy A. Schaal

1370 Manor Drive, $215,000, Zachary Kowa and Megan A. Kowa to Travis Knox and Jennifer Knox

1525 N. McClellan Ave., $4,250, Daphne L. Sanner to Shawn Brown

622 S. Oakland Court, $15,000, heirs at law of the estate of Elizabeth M. Schoeneberg, deceased, to Hassan Helm and Pamela Helm

945 W. Packard St., $7,000, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Waseem Abbas

541 E. Pierson Ave., $35,000, Busey Trust Company, executor of the estate of Charles R. McArthy, deceased, to Stephen W. Mattingly

4481 E. Powers Blvd., $265,000, Brock R. Meadows and Heather N. Meadows to Clint McLeod and Christen McLeod

1913 Queen Mary Court, $24,000, Kristopher D. Thompson to Fortress Properties LLC

32 Ridgeway Drive, $43,000, Edward Paine and Barbara Louise Kinder Paine to Zachery Ryan Wicklund and Brooke Elizabeth Wicklund

1949 Shore Oak Drive, $250,000, Alan E. Huss and Kathryn N. Huss to Travis Roach and Katie Roach

1906 W. Sunset Ave., $75,500, Douglas A. Henderson and Christine Henderson, fka Christine Swarms, to Bernadette Benz

1218 N. Taylor Ave., $15,000 (contract dated Nov. 2012), T&R Real Estate Group LLC to Shannon Hatcher

4207 Turpin Road, $175,000, Joseph T. Baietto to Joseph L. Morris and Lori A. Huddleston-Morris

7830 W. William St., $132,900, Larry Dunham and Sara Dunham to John R. Seremak and Danielle F. Seremak

2551 Wyckles Road, $256,000, Brian D. Penwell and Nancy L. Penwell to Shawnda L. Tague and Randall J. Tague

2410 S. 34th St., Unit 3, $18,000, Fannie Mae to Ethan T. Lange

Blue Mound

105 Lincoln St., $83,750, Seth D. Richardson and Amanda N. Richardson to Tye Manns and Delaney Lewellyn


896 Stevens Creek Lane, $222,000, Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Ernest Panganiban and Jennifer Panganiban


397 E. Cook St. $92,000, Lynette Kay Puckett and Mark Dennis Cornthwaite to Jeremy J. Puckett

244 W. Hight St., $78,500, Tonya L. Gentry, nka Tonya L. Gunderson, to Calen A. Edgar and Kathryn F. Edgar

5341 Moss Road, $127,500, Deborah Kay Smith, executor of the estate of Lorraine Rose Tille, deceased, to Kevin M. Chapman


219 N. Birch St., $91,000, Bernard L. Myers to Christopher W. Schlag and Megan A. Schlag

209 N. Wood St., $81,000, Jason Ferguson to Mallory Munster

Mount Zion

4541 Highcock Drive, $70,000, Richard and Mary Highcock to Blake and Catherine Mansur

725 Pearl Court, $250,000, Gabriel C. DuBois to Cartus Financial Corp.

725 Pearl Court, $249,500, Cartus Financial Corp. to Nicholas Ruholl and Bridget Ruholl

1404 Rich Lane, $180,000, Patricia Ann Ellingson to Todd A. Hogan and Bethanie C. Hogan


108 W. Lewis St., $39,211, Faith B. Vaught to Harold R. and April L. Hiser

632 Roy Snead Road, $30,100, Scott State Bank to Michael W. Timmons


365 S. Durfee St., $121,500, Rickey Dickerson and Julie Dickerson to James William Honea III


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