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1950 Barding Ave., $95,000, Charlotte A. Fortner to Scott Randall

1425 N. College St., $30,000, Rashanda N. Bond to Derrick Thaxton Sr. and Raquel Thaxton

340 S. Delmar Ave., $109,900, Patrick Corrigan and Angela Corrigan to Cody M. Davis and Breanna Davis

2103 E. Elwin Road, $45,000, Brian P. Jacquot and Glenda M. Jacquot to Jason Cummings and Samantha Cummings

2828 N. Fairview Ave., $84,000, to Joyce A. Helten and Timothy J. Helten to Michael J. Schell and Nancy K. Schell

6435 Girard Court, $340,000, Gaylon D. Bancroft and Tamara A. Bancroft to Frank H. Byers II

3334 W/ Ivywood Court, $139,000, Daniel J. Pietsch and Cynthia B. Pietsch to Anita L. Hollis

1617 E. Johns Ave., $18,000, Melissa L. Weaver and estate of Sheila Brown-Bowles to Bourne Enterprises LLC 

1563 N. Maple Ave., $31,500, Christopher R. Munson to Derrick Thaxton Sr. and Raquel Thaxton

206 W. Mark Ave., $135,500, Kevin Starr and Kali Starr to Rex R. Beard and Gail K. Beard

1472 Masters Lane, $110,000, Lena M. Tate to Matt Binder

37 Medial Drive, $81,500, Jason M. Frisby to Valerie L. Cook

1965 E. North Ave., 1975 E. North Ave., 1963 E. William St., 1804 E. Prairie Ave., $200,000 (contract dated July, 2011), William C. Burton to William B. Atchison

2532 E. Prairie St., $35,600, Raymond C. Ames and Dareleen M. Ames to Larry S. Hill and Debra M. Hill

1766 W. Ravina Park Road, $133,000, Rachel A. Melton, Emily S. Trumbold and Joshua D. Rhodes to Kristen D. Burns

2455 W. Rock Springs Road, $59,900, Dean R. Wilderman and Evelyn L. Wilderman to Melody L. Hundley

3578 W. Rock Springs Road, $70,000, Ronald D. Tapscott and Susan I. Tapscott to Jamie M. Marler

3574 Sandcreek Road, $110,000, Deanne G. Curry, fka Lane, to Patrick Corrigan and Angela Corrigan

792 W. Sawyer St., $10,000, R. Dwane Salmons and Barbara L. Salmons to Jessie R. Bates

1260 S. Silas St., $16,000, Diane M. Williams and Janet L. Dongoski to Gary Ward and Dolores Ward

3708 Sims Drive, $107,000, Fannie Mae to William Ryan Birt and Megan D. Birt

3030 Turpin Road, $38,000, James H. Foster Jr., Joseph W. Foster and Valerie Kay Meadows to Shaun Meadows

1155 Veech Lane, $67,200, US Bank NA to James Pettyjohn and Nichole Pettyjohn

625 N. Virginia Ave., $15,700, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James Van Meter Sr.

434 Woodside Trail, Unit C-8, $30,800, John Edward Tokarz to Pleasant View Holdings LLC

360 N. 34th St., $75,500, Lane C. Burris nka Lane C. Craft to Alec James Fisher and Barbara L. Dunn

Blue Mound

102 Railroad Ave., $23,501 (contract dated 2011), H. Jayne Allison to Justin S. Binkley

102 Railroad Ave., $4,000, Justin S. Binkley to Ricky L. Brown


505 Loma Drive, $145,000, Ryan L. Skirvin and Amber R. Skirvin to Charles W. Poland


144 W. Eckhardt St., $20,000, Gary S. Mathias and Angelia D. Mathias to Myles Mathias


217 N. Locust St., $76,000, Charles W. Poland to Wendy L. Campbell 

105 W. Madison St., $335,000, David W. Minick and Diane Minick to Rockard D. Minick Sr. and Cynthia D. Minick

Mount Zion

49 Sundance Drive, $207,500, Brian P. Jacquot and Glenda M. Jacquot to Dustin Ames and Allie Ames


5724 Wilber Court, $158,000, Rene D. Schmidt to James W. Estell and Ashley Estell

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in Aug. and Sept.

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