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4886 Arbor Court, $95,000, Deborah P. Fleming to David A. Jagusch

2663 Bayshore Heights Drive, $108,500, Jason Reinhardt and Shelli Reinhardt to Deandrea L. Wiley and Chaquita K. Caesar

4000 Bayview Drive, $67,000, Kimberly S. Bowles to Dalton Lee Jimison and Cassidy Lee Hicks

3346 W. Burt Drive, $89,500, Michael T. Miller to Nicolas A. Smart and Kaitlyn L. Smart

1474 E. Cantrell St., $37,000, Mitchell J. Myers and Kelly D. Myers to Jerry Wayne Moyer and Dona Lynn Trueblood

3336 E. Chat Drive, $83,000, Joseph L. Lee and Lisa M. Lee to Curtis D. Clemons

1037 Cornell Drive, $94,000, Delores J. Reed to Mark W. Gooding and Rhonda C. Gooding

12 Crestview Drive, $67,000, Lisa Pavetto to Jeremy Kirkland and Michael Wilhoit

1665 E. Decatur St., $5,250, PNC Bank NA to Global Premier Asset Management NJ LLC

1356 W. Decatur St., $10,000, NRZ REO X LLC to Rebecca Karales and Jeremy Price

244 S. Dennis Ave., $46,500, Eyapaha Solutions LLC to Mark and Robin Burgener

645 S. Dennis Ave., $84,500, Andrew and Kelsie N. Gallegos to Elizabeth R. Horcharik

1264 E. Dickinson Ave., $24,000, Norman T. Jones and Julie L. Jones to Good Adventures LLC

1064 N. Edward St., $16,000, Gilmore C. Gillen to Ronald G. Langley III

1440 N. Edward St., $135,000, J&D Team Holdings LCC to David Dezelan

211 N. Fairway Ave., $92,000, Claudia Jackson to Brandon Cox

14 Grays Lane, $77,000, Daniels Disclaimer Trust, aka Daniel Disclaimer Trust, to Kevin M. Smith

845 Harper St., $49,900, MLIPO2 LLC to Frederick C. Curry

68 Isabella Drive, $79,000, Tim Vieweg to Lori J. Manks

1061 N. Lake Shore Drive, $149,000, Adam M. Jensen and Jennifer M. Jensen to Jacob A. Davis

1010 W. Lincoln Park Drive, $35,500, Sharon K. Davis, fka Schultz, to Addison Michael Behrends

2298 W. Macon St., $82,000, Matt E. Smith and Annie M. Smith to Alton Pete Stewart Jr., Sandra Lynn Skelley and Todd Royal Skelley

2550 W. Main St., Unit A-1, $108,500, Janet Deakins to Kathy Dianne Peck

18 Meadow Terrace Drive, $41,500, Margery L. Dotson to Chasity Morville

2024 N. Monroe Ave., $20,000, Andrew R. Hendrian to Tevin R. Wilkes

495 S. Monroe St., $18,000 (contract dated 2016), Herbert F. Tomlinson Jr. and Gloria M. Tomlinson to JB Decatur LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company

2044 E. Moore St., $39,000, Carol A. Mattingly to Amanda R. Schaal and Joshua V. Schaal

2024 N. Monroe Ave., $20,000, Andrew R. Hendrian to Tevin R. Wilkes

1330 Oak Drive, $35,000, Katherine H. and David E. Kiger to Paul Schaal

2669 Pine Meadow Court, $169,200, GMH Real Estate 1 LCC to Patricia A. Ellington

1505 Ravina Park Road, $18,000, Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee of a certain trust dated Sept. 4, 2018, known as land trust #1505, to Chazaray Louis Carson

3181 N. Redstart Drive, $74,200, Refugio Vargas to Caitlin Schaeffer

141 S. Redwood Lane, $90,000, Rex Beard and Gail K. Beard to Kyle T. Michael

1460 E. Riverside Ave., $1,000, Helen M. Davis to Victoria Street

779 Schroll Court, $236,000, Andrew Joseph Van Thyne and Leigh Anne Van Thyne to Matthew Thomas and Allison Thomas

3051 Southland Road, $80,800, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Riley Reynolds and Amie Williams

52 Southwood Drive, $110,000, Ryan M. York to Jeanie Burtschi

442 E. Stuart Ave., $1,000, Larry Manns to Tyrin Manns

2582 Tanglewood Drive, $150,000, Randolph Lee McEldowney Jr. to Chelsea M. Dunmire and Andrew J. Stewart

1765 N. Taylor Ave., $45,000, Stacey Wenskunas to Lisa Prather-Robbins

3314 N. Taylor Road, $60,000, Jerry D. Gritton to Michael Alan Newhart

51 Twickingham Drive, $50,001, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Dennis Richard Drew

5520 Union School Road, 30,000, 11T IL LLC to April Bogan

1423 W. Waggoner St., $31,000, Rickey D. Nichols to Jo Ellen Largent

1632 W. Waggoner St., $17,662, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Wyatt Washburn

2160 W. Waggoner St., $57,900, Janet Helen Hall, trustee of the Janet Helen Hall Living Trust dated Nov. 16, 2016, to Owen Dean Fox

15 Whippoorwill Drive, $11,600, Wells Fargo Bank NA to CR 2018 LLC

621 Wolf Road, $125,500, Linda Sloan Trust to Mary Smith

1065 N. Woodlawn Ave., $35,000, Mitchell Creager to Candi Chapman

1110 N. Woodridge Court, $242,000, Tracy L. Smith Trust to Dennis M. Thee and Joni A. Thee

4621 Yorktown Court, $155,000, New Vision Urban Ministries to Majdi A. Qattum and Akram R. Kattom

404 S. 22nd St., $32,000, June L. Turner to James Burwell

2564 S. 34th St., $45,000, MLIPO2, LLC, to Charla Lovelace

149 N. 35th Court, $286,500, Adam Bachmann IV and Lucinda S. Bachmann to Magnolia Pedraza Trust

Blue Mound

109 Sunnyside Drive, $60,000, Shawna D. Sargent aka Shawna D. Houser to Ashton D. Dunn

Dalton City

3877 Kraft Road, $265,000, Steven Henry to Ray Inman and Marjorie Inman


7910 and 7930 W. 4th St., $61,400, Jennifer Abouzour, executor of the estate of W. E. Burks, to Becky Lyn Larson


315 W. Hight St., $57,500, Chelsea M. Dunmire to Samuel W. House


429 E. Monroe St., $180,000, Andrew K. Goering to Kevin Groves

Mount Zion

420 Elm St., $174,000, Ruby Frances Crabill Trust to James J. Davis and Kirstin J. Davis

1510 Hunters View Drive, $232,000, Thomas C. Cooke, executor of the estate of John J. Molloy, to Ningjun Cao and Chunguang Ma

915 Kirk Drive, $119,000, Hickory Point Bank Trust to CTAP LLC


5590 Heritage Lane, $245,000, Dewaine C. Ellis and Evelyn R. Ellis to Joan L. Merry


506 N. East St., $95,000, Ashley M. Gwin to Travis McCarthy and Christine M. McCarthy

5 Park Court, $175,000, Gerald W. Dunaway and Lori G. Dunaway to Mark A. Parsons and Becky K. Parsons

115 E. South St., $107,000, William H. Camp and Martha J. Camp to Austin G. Welker

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in November.

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