2405 Angle Court, $190,000, Howard & Mary Gay Stone to Lewis Rental Properties, LLC

3916 N. Arthur Court, $125,000, Carol Reedy to Zachary A. Culp and Ashley M. Culp

4755 Bentonville Road, $117,000, Jay and Amber Billingsley to Andrew & Allison Smith

2051 Brownlow Court, $109,900, Timothy and Kathryn Naron to Timothy Emberton

1498 E. Buena Vista Ave., $47,000, Jose J. and Brea N. Acosta to William L. Dow

129 Canterbury Drive, $76,000, Camp Family Holdings, LLLP to Pedro Ochoa

1903 N. Church St., $60,000, Nims Real Estate Group, Inc. to Regal Realty Group, LLC 

90 Clubview Place, $292,500, Bradley S. and Shaylon C. Grant to Terry Mason

23 Colorado Drive, $72,500, Cullen J. Carter III to Brian K. Sargent

6565 Daybrook Drive, $350,000, Steve and Connie Vahlkamp to Jerry L. Cox

656 E. Elm Ave., $30,000, Suzanne B. Eastman, as trustee of the Suzanne B. Eastman Trust, dated Oct. 8, 2002, to Eric and Jessica Robinson 

2725 Essex Place, $160,000, Camille Metcalf to Travis A. and Stefanie R. Friedrich

2116 N. Graceland Ave., $7,000, Amber Barker Mahon to Janice Hutchins

4023 Greenswitch Road, $70,000, Thomas A. and Leesha R. Swafford to Brent D. Robertson

4636 Havenwood Court, $126,000, Jeramie Bublitz to Ramon Al-Amin, Jr.

1544 E. Hickory St., $5,000, Gary L. and Gloria J Allison, trustees of Allison Land Trust No. 2, to Jerrod L. and Shawna K. Askren

1560 E. Hickory St., $8,000, Gary L. and Gloria J Allison, trustees of Allison Land Trust No. 2, to Danny R. and Rebecca L. Askren

3256 N. Holly Drive, $75,500, Karen Lee to Joan & Mattie Dale

47 E. Imboden Drive, $30,001, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rodney and Jaimee Karasch

44 Isabella Drive, $74,000, Christopher P. Desanto to John Houston Hudkins

748 W. Karen Court, $149,000, Brian T. and Tammy McNamara to Altonette L. Bobbitt

160 E. Kellar Lane, $45,750, Greta M. Tate to Renewed Rentals, LLC c/o Michele Brown

1725 N. Main St., $15,000, Joshua M. and Dawn N. Grandon to Juan and Dorothy Lewis

1640 Martin Drive, $139,000, Michael W. Timmons to Madison Loraine Yates

26 Montgomery Place, $125,829, Federal National Mortgage Association to Tara M. Brownlow and Jeffery E. Hunter II

52 Northland Drive, $72,000, c/o Delores Junior to David L. Elliott

564 S. Oakland Ave., $29,900, Dow and Deborah Moses and Aaron Warner to Dale and Ann McKinney

2320 E. Olive St., $18,000, Andrew R. Hendrian, trustee Land Trust #2320, to Chazaray L. Carson

2682 S. Pine Meadows Court, $130,000, Jettie A. Siesenop to Kathryn J. Funston

276 S. Price St., $28,500, Tami E. Overlin to Alvell Mitchell, Sr.

166 S. Price St., $125,000, Andrew and Christina K. Clem, Sr. to David C. and Jennifer M. Bennick

1729 W. Ravina Park Road, $15,007, Champion Mortgage Company to Janna S. Drew

2765 Rosemary Court, $225,000, David C. and Jennifer M. Bennick to Shannen Ray

810 Sarah Drive, $103,000, Josse Stvan Valladares to Christen Sanders

435 Scovill Court, $128,000, Leta I. Scheipp c/o Michael Schneipp to Diana D. Hall

3443 N. Spring Creek Road, $95,000, Roy A. and Lori A. Roberts to Kristopher L. Stanley

1901 W. Sunset Ave., $37,500, U.S. Bank National Association to John Jeffrey Broderick and John Thomas Broderick

275 N. Taylor Ave., $67,000, Jared and Mary E. Scott to Brittany Gronau

67 Twickingham Drive, $67,500, Barbara Pittman to Lincoln Land IL Land Trust #676969

2995 Wasson Way, $88,000, Shannen L. Ray to Jeannene Kay Lewellen

4585 E. Westlake Ave., $197,500, James W. and Kimberly J. Fouse to Jeffrey A. Hinz and Elizabeth L. McKeever

158 N. Westlawn Ave., $77,000, Daniel and Chelsey Bennett to John E. and Cynthia A. Hawkinson

441 Woodside Trail, $42,500, Galen Allen and Royetta Kay Madding to Ryan Knapp

545 S. 23rd St., $49,900, Maxine B. David Trust to Kristopher M. Koesterer


135 E. Park, $57,500, Hailey Sharp to Alex W. Giese and Aliyah A. Taylor

Blue Mound

309 S, Depray, $123,000, Matthew C. Hight to Erin Groves

318 E. Seiberling St., $69,000, Ernest E. and Susan M. Turnage II to Brian Danner


495 Greenbrier Lane, $403,900, Russell L. and Wendy Simpson to Nathan and Gia Simmons

40 Hickory Point Court, $295,000, Mark E. Calmes to Josse S. Valladares and Kristi R. Stone

1007 Schroll Drive, $233,000, Norman and Mary Stivers to Brandt M. and Brooke D. Neibuhr

835 Stevens Creek Blvd., $239,000, Brian and Evonne Aeilts to Mikel Fulmer and Kristen Pulliam

536 Will Lane, $295,000, Scott A. and Bethany J. Bellmyer to David M. Peck, Jr.


303 S. Front St., $73,000, Brian Otta to Paula J. Cawthon

122 Robin Drive, $207,500, Darrick and Jeanne Hulva to Matthew C. Hight


404 E. Kennedy St., $195,000, Valerie Doran, fka Garner, to Sarah Hagan

218 N. Locust St., $145,000, Anthony C. Franklin to Steven T. and Linda D. Short

420 N. Maple St., $64,000, Christy L. Allen to Andrea Cartright and Jacob Hughes

Mount Zion

1505 N. State Route 121, $90,000, Prairie State Bank & Trust to Lewis Rental Properties, LLC

515 W. Wildwood Drive, $137,000, Darrel and Jeanette Richardson to Robert and Celeste Pelfrey


540 Lee Sturgis Drive, $108,500, Cynthia Fitzpatrick, fka Gulick, to Codi and Benjamin Mason


9 Highland Drive, $51,500, Estate of Thomas S. Hart, Sr. to MLIOP2

9809 N. Kenney Road, $173,000, Curtis R. and Megan R. Lutz to Stone Financing, LLC

9809 N. Kenney Road, $173,000, Stone Financing, LLC to Mark Lynch

264 E. Main St., $19,000, Hickory Point Bank to Medical Legal Bridge, LLC

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in August.

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