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A sign outside Eastland Mall. Macy's and J.C. Penney closed last year, and the closures of Bergner's and Sears are pending.

Readers at on Thursday provided a wealth of suggestions for future uses of Eastland Mall. Voting is now closed but here's a look at all your suggestions:

"The top option for me is an Apple Store. That would drive a lot of people to the mall locally and from other towns. Beyond that, a Nordstrom Rack would be good but they may not open so close to the new Ross. We just aren't a big enough community at this point for a lot of larger-market stores to come here, even with a mountain of tax breaks." - TJ Peters, Bloomington

"Dry Goods, Forever 21, Starbucks." - Rylee Billington, Normal

"Forever 21." - No name, Bloomington

"Scheels, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Dave and Busters." No name, Bloomington

"Tear it down, all of it. The location is prime for a complete redevelopment as traditional retail continues to disappear. CBL is only going to do what is in the best interest of their shareholders, not our community, and the results will be a slow and ugly death of the mall and an eyesore at one of our busiest intersections in town. Raze the buildings." A.S., McLean County

"Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant. We don’t have enough fine dining. Also would love to see a beautiful reception hall venue. Couples getting married don’t have many choices but hotels. Something elegant." No name, Mount Zion

"Dillards, Nordstorm Rack, entertainment complex, Garage clothing store, Tillys, Forever 21." - Samuel McClain, Indianapolis

"Scheels." - Michael Griffin, Bloomington

"Dave & Busters or Gameworks." - Nikki Maurer, Bloomington

"I'd like to see the Bloomington Public Library open an east-side branch in the mall. This would bring much-needed foot traffic, even if it doesn't pay full rent." - Rama Duvvuri, Bloomington

"We would like to see the stores come back! What a waste of a mall! Whose idiotic idea was it to get rid of our shopping mall?" - Mary Ann Kerz, Normal

"Some place for teens to go, maybe arcade (classic games and VR games), coffee/juice bar, WiFi cafe/lounge, place for teen bands to play, indoor skate park, indoor gokart, Game Centers (Magic the Gathering, chess, checkers, etc). Of course, we also need a police sub-station there." Dawn Clark, Bloomington

"Dave and Busters." - John Fleming, Bloomington

"Dave and Buster’s in Bergner’s, Marshall’s, Burlington Coat Factory." - Jenifer Banks, Bloomington

"Nordstrom Rack and Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s." - Christine Mock, Bloomington

"Dillard's, Burlington Coat Factory, Sam's or Neiman-Marcus." - No name, LeRoy

"Marshall’s, move Dick's Sporting Goods." - No name, Bloomington

"Nordstrom or Dillard’s." - No name, Bloomington

"Apple store, Cheesecake Factory, Torrid, Nike." - No name, Bloomington

"Nordstrom Rack." - Emma Noraian, Bloomington

"Make the whole thing an indoor sports complex: roller rink, indoor cycling, skateboarding, bubble balls, rock wall climbing, etc. Different wings and/or different days for different sports! You could have competitive events and parties there." Patriette Lee, Pontiac

"Nothing. You demolish the whole mall. The Macy's building then can be converted into a two-story casino. It already has three natural outdoor entrances and no windows so the conversion wouldn't be hard. From what you demolished, you then build a brand new hotel located right in the heart of the city, close to shopping, restaurants and an easy Uber ride to downtown Normal or Bloomington for a night out. Could easily be fenced off around the perimeter, with the two entrances still being used: one for the casino side and one for the hotel. You would implement new jobs and a new feature to the city. You could even fit a theater on the property as well to promote shows and concerts." - Kevin Meiners, Bloomington

"I think all major factory outlet stores should come to Bloomington. IKEA, Forever 21, Dillard’s, something like Mays, and family fun zones. One big hall where people can rent it for parties which can accommodate 200 people. Mediterranean restaurant chains like Pita Inn. Disney store, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aldo, Apple Store. I think people use lot of Apple products here; I think it will be a game changer. Wilson Leathers will be a good add. Sports stores like Sierra Trading Post. Fragrance outlet, Guess, Sperry, Saucony, Free People." - P.P., Bloomington

"A combined Bloomington and Normal library. Public transportation goes there. It would generate traffic in the mall. It has plenty of parking. It would be much cheaper than the currently proposed ideas." - Andrew Beaty, Bloomington

"Sephora, Gap, Trader Joe’s, indoor beach volleyball, bowling alley." - Becky Reed, Normal

"I would like a Scheels in Macy's, Dave & Busters in Bergner's and move TJ Maxx to Sears - they definitely need more space and they'd be closer to Home Goods, their sister store; or open a Marshalls in Sears." - Kayla Jones, Minonk

"Neiman Marcus." - Becky Bailey, Kappa

"Need to think entertainment-based attractions to bring foot traffic. Focus entertainment on several groups, not just toddlers or teens or middle aged. Bring things like a movie theater back to mall. Themed restaurants that offer something more than just dinner, like a Dave & Busters. More department stores is not the answer. Attract shoppers to the mall by other means." - J.A., Bloomington

"A Golden Corral, please! We already have so many restaurants to choose from here; but it would be nice to go there and have so much of a variety to eat at one central location." - Deanna Barron, Bloomington

"Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Apple Store, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's." - Jorgi Naples, Bloomington

"Big Lots, UFS." - No name, Bloomington

"Developers should consider major renovations to convert the mall into more of a ‘lifestyle center’ setting. Leisure amenities, diverse restaurants and activity-based tenants mixed in along with traditional retail space. Common areas for community events is an easy way to entice foot traffic - Oak Brook Mall has done a great job of hosting things like movies in the park, holiday markets, ice skating, etc. Eastland desperately needs to update the facade, overall interior look and signage of the mall as well. It looks run down and dated. Although it’s sad to see store closures, there is still a lot of potential for the property if done right." - A.N., Bloomington

"Dave & Buster's, Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Argo Tea/Teavana, Aveda or Sephora, Lego store, Disney store, etc. Factory outlet stores like Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks, Columbia Outlet, etc. Healthier and/or better-known restaurants in the food court is ideal. Bigger restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Sweet Tomatoes, etc." - Elyse Coit, Hudson

"For Eastland, as with many other shopping malls across the country the trend of retail, appears to be failing. However, I don't think this is an excuse for a mall to cease operations. In fact, I think the way to stop the 'dying mall' modern phenomena is to replace the large anchor box stores with entertainment and lifestyle options. Eastland is already moving forward with creating a fitness center in the former JCPenney lot; as for the other vacant anchors, I think a few options would be perfect for the community. St. Louis has started to convert their historic Union Station into a world-class aquarium; Peoria's major mall just converted an old Macy's into a Round 1 Amusement center bowling and arcade. I personally think a science center, small aquarium, and/or indoor amusement center would be excellent additions and provide significant foot traffic for the rest of the mall as well as fit well with the community's emphasis on family and education. With a mixture of private and public financing, I think the anchor buildings could find new life in becoming entertainment venues that would turn the mall into a destination location for folks all over the region and state to occupy their time. Malls have always been community spaces, and they can still be through proper adaptation." - Adam Falkenhayn, Princeton

"A bulldozer. Unfortunately malls are a dying breed. Efforts should be focused on long-term use of the space. Take Peoria, for example. Their outdoor mall appears to be doing well while their traditional indoor mall is experiencing similar issues to the mall in Bloomington. It's time to stop trying to save something that is obsolete." - No name, Bloomington

"Apple Store! Centrally located to serve B-N, Springfield, Peoria, and Champaign. Would be a game changer for community. Dave & Busters, Trader Joe's, Costco. Stay away from retirement/elder activities. Eastland Mall needs youth to revive mall and bring in paying customers ... not just mall walkers. Also consider changing the layout some. - Ryan Gunn, Bloomington

"I suggest the library expand to this location." - Bob Trippel, Bloomington

"Dillard’s." - Priscilla Frantz, Bloomington

"Some decent type of family fun. Have some bowling, video games, laser tag, etc. Like a better Dave & Busters." - No name, Bloomington

"Costco." - No name, Bloomington

"Dillard's." - Theresa Beaver, Bloomington

"Golden Corral." - Erick Aguliera, Bloomington

"Retirement community. Add general grocery store, physical rehab and exercise services, and some medical services. Many services could be under one roof. Residents would have the ability to walk mall and talk and interact with shoppers at the mall." - Kirsten and Michael Duke, Bloomington

"Dollar movies, indoor dog walking track, swap shop." - Viv Morris, Bloomington

"Buybuy Baby, IKEA, Trader Joe's, Big Lots, Costco, or some big family fun center with an arcade." - Shannon Cox, Bloomington

"Marshall’s or Dave and Busters!" - Ashley Brooks, Bloomington

"Bowling alley with indoor mini golf or an arcade for kids to hang out." - No name, Chenoa

"It should all be torn down. The years of malls have now passed. It could be turned into a beautiful park for leisure. Money could be made on little paddle boats, food, drinks, ice skating. Great location. Bike path. Be creative. Offer a great outdoor venue. Get people moving. Be a healthy city. BE CREATIVE." - Patricia Carlson, Bloomington

"Move Kohl’s to front toward Veterans Parkway. Add better entrance by Applebee’s. Change format to outdoor smaller ‘boutique’ style. Eddie Bauer. Shoes to replace lost shoe department at Bergner's. Home Goods to replace lost home store at Bergner's." - A. Morgan, Normal

"Burlington Coat Factory." - David Werry, Clinton

"Re-purpose the entire Eastland Mall compound into Eastland Retirement Village. Food court can become common dinning area. Open areas still there for walking and exercise, etc." - Jerry Bogle, Bloomington

"Nordstrom Rack." - No name, Normal

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