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At least 11 dead in highway bridge collapse in Italy as cars plunge nearly 300 feet

A bridge on a main highway linking Italy with France collapsed Tuesday in the Italian port city of Genoa during a sudden, violent storm, sending vehicles plunging 90 meters (nearly 300 feet) into a heap of rubble below. The Interior Ministry said at least 11 people were killed and five seriously injured. Read more


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For Central Illinois cancer patients, each case presents unique challenges

DECATUR — Healthy lifestyles are not a uniform cure or prevention for cancer, something to which millions of families can attest. Organizat… Read more

Here's why a Decatur woman ran a marathon in all 50 states 🏃‍♀️

DECATUR — Mary Cole had never called herself a runner, but now at 45 years old, she wears the label like a badge of honor. Read more

Feds Urge States To Encourage Cheaper Plans Off The Exchanges

Many insurers added surcharges to policies they sold to individuals last year to make up for a cut in federal funding. Now, federal officials suggest that states encourage insurers to sell policies without those surcharges outside of the marketplace to help people who don’t get a premium subsidy. Read more

Escape from the Mayo Clinic: Parents break teen out of world-famous hospital

One winter afternoon last year, Duane Engebretson sat in his stepdaughter's hospital room at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, trying to figure out how she could escape. Read more

Beasts unburden: Mini-donkey ranch offers the latest in animal-assisted therapy

Welcome ... to Donkey Park. Read more

Solutions and concerns: How Central Illinois is managing its high cancer rate

The good news: Fewer people are dying of cancer these days. Read more


Unique insurance company offers Decatur and Macon County people rates starting at $5 per month.

Locals can get renters or homeowners insurance at low starting rates

5K Journey: Nearing the finish line, what else can you do?

The Overdose Awareness Day 5K is drawing closer. My deadline is Aug. 25 (that’s reporter talk for 'You had better be ready'), and I will be… Read more

Social Security: Blog takes on matters that are meaningful

We named our blog Social Security Matters for a few reasons. Yes, we matter to millions of people. And the matters we write about — from po… Read more

Central Illinois counties have some of the highest cancer rates in the state. Doctors say there's no simple reason why.

CLINTON — People are getting cancer more in this part of Central Illinois than almost anywhere else in the state — and no one knows exactly… Read more

ER or urgent care clinic? Here’s where experts recommend you take an injured child

Summer is fading like so many bathing suits on a clothing line, but for kids, this time of year is not only when school break doldrums set … Read more

FDA expands recall of blood pressure drug valsartan due to cancer concern

The US Food and Drug Administration expanded the list of drugs being recalled that contain valsartan. The drug is used as a component in a set of drugs used to treat heart failure and blood pressure. Read more


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