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Emergency crews respond to deadly crash on U.S. 36 in Douglas County

CAMARGO — Emergency crews are on the scene of a deadly crash in Douglas County. Read more


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Dear Dr. Roach: Nighttime visions may be sign of a type of dementia

Dear Dr. Roach: I am an extremely healthy 76-year-old woman. Almost every night, I am startled awake by visions of people standing over my … Read more

Costly Confusion: Medicare’s Wellness Visit Isn’t The Same As An Annual Physical

Medicare doesn’t pay for an annual physical, but it does cover an annual wellness visit focused on preventing disease and disability by coming up with a “personalized prevention plan” for future medical issues. It is important to use the correct term when scheduling a doctor’s visit. Read more

Does most of your paycheck go to rent? That may be hurting your health

Eleven percent of Americans spend more than half of their paycheck on housing. These households rate their health as lower and are less likely to have access to enough nutritious food. Read more

Did Your Doctor ‘Ghost’ You? An Employment Contract May Be To Blame

How "noncompete" clauses in contracts between doctors and hospitals or clinics prevent patients from seeing their longtime doctors. Read more

Dear Dr. Roach: Online reviews have bone density treatment stalled

Dear Dr. Roach: My wife's doctor wants her to start Prolia shots for bone density, but the reviews I have been reading are extremely negati… Read more

Health assessment puts Macon County 85th among Illinois' 102 counties

DECATUR — Macon County finds itself stubbornly in the bottom 25 percent of Illinois counties as ranked in a respected annual measure of hea… Read more

Dear Dr. Roach: Prevention is priority for hard-to-treat post-herpetic neuralgia

Dear Dr. Roach: I am 77 and developed shingles in December 2016. Although my blisters are long gone, I still have pain and topical discomfo… Read more

Southern Illinois Healthcare seeks trauma center status

CARBONDALE — Southern Illinois Healthcare is taking steps to expand access to trauma care in the southern part of the state where the lack … Read more

Dear Dr. Roach: Itchy ear canal has stopped producing earwax

Dear Dr. Roach: I am 68. For the past couple of months, my ear canals have been very itchy. For some reason I no longer produce earwax, but… Read more

Taking a nap isn’t just for kids anymore

As a kid you hated it, but as an adult you sometimes long for it. Now, research says you should do it. Read more

How do some parents leave their children behind in hot cars? It’s in the brain.

It’s a news story that conjures horror and disbelief: a child left behind in a hot car, sometimes with fatal consequences. How could any pa… Read more


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