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It's Playoff Eve in high school football: Here's what you need to know

To any high school football team in Illinois heading into the final regular season game with at least four wins, Friday night is just the s… Read more


Guilty again: Deonta Johnson convicted for second time of murder, attempted murder

DECATUR — Deonta O. Johnson was found guilty Thursday — for the second time — of murder and attempted murder in beating and stomping attack… Read more



Michael Smerconish: Will new media change our behavior?

Regardless of whom you believe, there are many lessons to be learned from the brouhaha over Brett Kavanaugh’s youthful behavior, the most i… Read more

Tyler Cowen: Our interest spans slide with reason

Most of all, I am disoriented by the speed at which major news events pass into the rearview mirror in contemporary America. Read more

Michael Reagan: Democrats are the party of evil

The Democrats and their parrots and lapdogs in the liberal media never stop accusing people on the right of being racists, sexists and homo… Read more

What others are saying: Stop sending innocent people to prison

Illinois has a long, troublesome record of sending innocent people to prison based on the testimony of prisoners who invent incriminating t… Read more

Rich Miller: Pritzker needs to give answers

Dear J.B. Pritzker, Read more


Unique insurance company offers Decatur and Macon County people rates starting at $5 per month.

Locals can get renters or homeowners insurance at low starting rates


Reverse mortgages: Too good to be true?

Important information residents of Decatur and Macon County need to know before they decide.


OTHER VOICES: A Chicago story: How Sears could have avoided bankruptcy

The most impressive statement to make about Sears as it seeks bankruptcy court protection is also the most damning: Sears was the Amazon of… Read more

Our view: Decatur houses not out of reach

As much as the general national attitude sometimes reflects the opposite, the American dream of owning your own home is far more attainable… Read more

Our view: Davis the better choice in Illinois 13th

Democratic Challenger Betsy Dirksen Londrigan is correct in some of her assessments and accusations leveled against Rodney Davis, the Repub… Read more

OUR VIEW: Focus on how to aid victims

For a moment, set aside the detail of the case against Bill Cosby and the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Read more

OUR VIEW: Food drive shows us at our best

In excess of 750 tons of food. Read more



LETTER: Getting closer to Kavanaugh truth

Recent outcries from Trump, his cult-like base supporters and his boot-licking congressmen like Sen. Graham, over what they describe as "a … Read more

LETTERS: Election letters deadline

The deadline for election-related letters to the editor is 5 p.m., Oct. 26. The final day election-related letters to the editor will run i… Read more

LETTER: H&R makes mistake with Davis endorsement

After criticizing Rodney Davis and acknowledging the paper would like a representative who is willing to go against his own party to help h… Read more

LETTER: Don't send Trump enabler back to D.C.

It is difficult the measure the carnage Trump has caused in less than two years in office. Deficits and national debt are through the ceili… Read more

LETTER: Vote for Caulkins in Illinois 101st

As I listen to Kanye West and President Trump speak today of the troubles in Chicago, I am questioning why we don’t hear similar concerns f… Read more


National Opinion

Commentary: Farewell to the Grand Old Party

All happy partisans are alike; each unhappy partisan is unhappy in his own way. Max Boot, the Russian-born hawkish polemicist, was a deeply unhappy Republican. His cells hurt when Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign in 2015. Then Trump kept amping up the note of racism in Republican thinking, and Boot was struck by deeper plasmic horror. "I had denied that Republicans were ... Read more

Commentary: Climate politicking isn't working. We need climate civil disobedience

The small town of Bagley, Minn., looked set to be the scene for one of the nation's most interesting airings of the climate controversy this week. Three people went on trial there on Monday for shutting down a pipeline from Canada's tar sands in 2016 - one of them, after warning the company, turned the valve that shut the pipe, and then they waited for the police to arrive. They were arrested ... Read more

Commentary: Don't worry, all is not lost. State and local activists are fixing our elections

Despair appears to be the common mood of the day. Everything is terrible. U.S. democratic norms have devolved so much that it seems impossible to know how to recover. Our political outcomes don't consistently reflect our true aspirations. Yes, the whole system feels rigged - against the majority of Americans. Why not just throw up our hands? The answer is that this moment also presents a ... Read more

Commentary: White progressive parents and the conundrum of privilege

Greg and Sarah live in a predominantly white neighborhood and send their children to a predominantly white private school. "I don't want to believe we are hypocrites," Greg tells me. "But if we say diversity is important to us, but then we didn't stick around in the place that was diverse, maybe we are?" He looks at Sarah. "I dunno," he continues. "I guess we made decisions based on other ... Read more

Mary Schmich: Whatever happens to Brett Kavanaugh, this much is true

One day soon, Brett Kavanaugh may take a seat on the United States Supreme Court. Read more

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