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    DECATUR — Born the youngest of nine siblings into a family in “the projects” of Chicago, Kenny Howell faced quite a bit of adversity growing up, relying on close familial ties to get by. And one of the greatest attributes of the Howell family was an innate sense of humor.

      DECATUR -- To most people, karaoke is just light-hearted fun - until they find themselves on stage with the accusatory eyes of a hundred bar patrons locked on them. In Decatur, where karaoke is a popular weekday and weekend diversion at bars across the city, this scenario is a common one for…

        DECATUR - From its beginning with "Cats" to its conclusion with "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," this was a summer for blockbuster musicals at Sullivan's Little Theatre-On the Square. It was a season of "safe," classic productions, with only one possible exception, featuring a…

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