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Autumn color is about more than the changing leaves — there are many flowers to enjoy, from native wildflowers to cultivated varieties that have been selected for long blooming periods.

A well-designed family room can truly be the heart of the household. But too often the family room ends up feeling like either a formal parlor — stiff and uninviting — or a free-for-all kids’ playroom. Strike a balance by picking up some of these ideas for attractive, functional family rooms that look good and work hard for the families who live there.

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial tachycardia when I was 5 years old. I had an ablation to treat it when I was 48, which was successful. I have always had and continue to have abnormal heartbeats, especially when I get sick or tired, and when I was pregnant. For the past…

The spread of COVID-19’s Delta variant has been a significant step backward in the effort to fight off the coronavirus pandemic. The spread has been particularly unwelcome news for segments of the economy that have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you’ll be turning 65 in the next decade, you should prepare yourself for that most challenging of benefits: Medicare. Here are five tips for navigating complex Medicare rules.

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