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Buying Guide: Amazon shoppers love these new Echo Flex smart plugs

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Echo Flex


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Smart home enthusiasts love Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, so it’s no surprise the same tech savvy set loves Echo Flex smart plugs. If you’ve ever wanted to quickly and cheaply add Alexa to a few more rooms in your home, these Echo Flex plugs will make your house a little smarter instantly.

How It Works

Echo Flex smart plugs are compatible with a standard outlet and allow you to access Alexa in more rooms of your home. Add a smart plug in the kitchen to review your grocery list or ask for recipes, the bedroom for guided meditation or white noise to help you sleep, or the nursery to sing lullabies to a fussy baby. The built in USB port allows you to charge your phone or other devices on the plug. Control the temperature, lock doors, or dim lights just like you would on a regular Echo. You can also use the plug to announce dinner is ready to any other room with an Alexa device.

Space Saving and Affordable

The Echo Flex is perfect for small spaces like bathrooms where you might need to review your to-do list for the day or check the weather before work. No counter space is required unlike with the Echo Plus or Echo Dot. It’s also a more affordable way to add Alexa to every room at just $19.99 for one smart plug.

Why Customers Love It

Customers loved that this Echo Flex smart plug enabled them to use voice commands in every room without adding extra cords or taking up counter space. Reviewers used this in a variety of places, from the kitchen where they wanted to avoid spilling food on a regular Echo, to the garage where they used it to control the lights and raise and lower the garage door with compatible devices.

Echo Flex Plug In Mini Smart Speaker available from Amazon


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