How to keep your plants thriving during the winter months
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How to keep your plants thriving during the winter months

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Even the most seasoned gardeners know how difficult it can be to keep plants alive during the cold grey winter months. While you can always move your plants inside to keep them warm, getting enough light during the shortest days of the year is a struggle. That’s where this LED grow light for indoor plants comes in.

How It Works

Sunnewgrow’s LED grow light is perfect for indoor gardeners and professional greenhouse growers. The light has a daisy chain function that allows growers to use multiple lights together with less outlet. A separate “veg” and “bloom” switch set this growing light apart from the competition. The “veg” channel uses a full spectrum of color for germinating seedlings and young plants, while the “bloom” switch encourages maximum growth from flowering to harvest.

More Coverage

For serious gardeners, this LED grow light is essential. The coverage area is 7.5 by 7.5 feet when the light is hung 24 inches away from the plants. That means you can keep planter boxes full of flowers, fresh herbs, and vegetables alive and thriving in your greenhouse throughout the entire winter.

Why Customers Love It

Indoor gardeners are raving about this LED full spectrum grow light on Amazon giving it an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. They loved that this light had a low energy draw but a huge 2000-watt output, was easy to customize to whatever they were growing, and had a generous 4 year warranty. The price, at $199, was also a huge perk since it was lower than LED grow lights of similar quality.

Sunnewgrow 2000w LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants available from Amazon 


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