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I'm often asked "what do you do with all your time?" My answer usually, "Nothing exciting." I wake up around 6:30 a.m., trundle down the stairs, fix my coffee, get the paper from the porch, glance at the headlines. When I had my puppies (Duchess and Annie), they would do their thing when I got the paper, go back upstairs to make the bed, back downstairs, pour my first cup, settle down and read the paper, do the puzzles, take my dog for her morning walk. By now's it's about 10:30 a.m. 

For the next couple of hours I may pay my bills, work on a story (or refine one). Back up stairs to shower and shave, then depending on the day, go downtown to mail something, or go the library to make copies. In the winter I'll check the Bloomington and Springfield papers to find results of local basketball games that didn't make it into the Herald & Review (or are covered a little more fully). 

For well over 20 years I've been researching Decatur basketball back to the very beginning, trying to write my "white whale." I don't think I'll ever finish. It was hard enough when it was just Decatur High School and St. Teresa. Now, add MacArthur, Eisenhower, Lakeview, Lutheran School, Decatur Christian -- writing the the old way -- no computer involved. 

For the most part when I've contacted coaches or athletic directors they are usually helpful. I never bother them during the season. Some need a gentle reminder!

If you've got this far, you're probably wondering if I have all my marbles. Why? Who cares? There are several books already out there. 

True, but egotistically, mine is to be the end-all of Decatur basketball. I should point out, this madness is just the boys results. Being a father of three girl athletes, there is no way I'll overlook or shortchange them. 

I've helped other people in their research of similar efforts. One used my opening page with my consent but no recognition. A footnote would have been appreciated. 

This isn't my first book debacle. Some 55 years ago I wrote a fictional book, based upon a true episode that occurred in Fulton County in the mid-1800s. Few have it, but those that have read it, say it's pretty darn good! 

Rereading what I have so far here should kinda tell you how my mind works, or doesn't work. I started with my daily routine and wound up so far from it, talking about the 1800s. 

Why basketball you might ask. True, I played the game (so-so), but basketball was my sport. Again, no star, but good enough to play semi-pro ball in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. I'm a Cardinal nut, seeing my first game in 1948 and my first hero. No, not Stan Musial, but a smallish pitcher, Murry Dickson. That's not a typo, his name as Murry, no "a."

Let's see I opened with fascinating you with my typical day and wind up talking about a pitcher, probably, unknown to you. "C'est la vie."

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Joe Trimmer is a Decatur historian.


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