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Ta'Naja Barnes, 2, of Decatur, died in filthy conditions. How legislation could prevent another tragedy.

DECATUR — The tragedy represented by the death of Decatur 2-year-old Ta’Naja Barnes is propelling legislation aimed at saving other children from her terrible fate.

Decatur had $21 million in lottery ticket sales last year. Here's what location was No. 1.

DECATUR — Diane Little, owner of Party Warehouse in Brettwood Village, said it was back in 2011 that they decided to start selling lottery tickets. The gamble paid off, and 91,627 tickets were bought there in 2018, but there are still customers surprised it's possible to pick up a Mega Milli…

Decatur has 10,000 street lights. Here's how they make sure each one is lit.

DECATUR — Dianna Pace fell in love with the West End and moved near Fairview Park almost two years ago. She liked the neighborhood, but she also became aware of a lack of street lighting that gave her pause.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

5 questions about the state of Decatur Celebration — answered

Decatur Celebration producer Lori Sturgill resigned Thursday after serving in the role since 2010.

OUR VIEW: Decatur Celebration needs all of our support

Decatur Celebration needs all of us. That much is clear.

Circling back: Celebrate Pi Day in Decatur with — what else? — pie

DECATUR — Circle around and learn the story of a day that offers an opportunity to celebrate math, food and the knowledge that not all good things must come to an end.

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