DECATUR — Ameren Illinois on Thursday said customers in Central and Southern Illinois are expected to save about $8 per month on their utility bills next year after state regulators approved the company's 2019 rate requests. 

Ameren spokeswoman Marcelyn Love said the new rates for the company's gas and electric services, both of which were approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission, will take effect in November and January, respectively. 

A statement from Ameren said investments that the energy company continues to make to its electric and gas delivery systems through its multi-year modernization plan has led to reductions in service interruptions and stronger distribution efforts throughout coverage areas. 

Love said that the ongoing upgrades have allowed Ameren to recover the costs of its investments in Central and Southern Illinois. As a result, supply costs have decreased for electric and gas services. 

The statement said electric delivery rates for typical customers will increase an average of $4.50 per month next year, but that rate will be offset by an 18 percent decrease in supply costs.

Ameren estimates that electric supply costs will decrease by about $5.47, as electric supply costs make up a large portion of the electric bill and are passed directly to customers without a markup. 

As for gas rates, Ameren estimates delivery costs for the service will decrease 94 cents a month next year. Supply costs are expected to go down 10 percent, the statement said, and residents are expected to pay $2.41 less for natural gas each month for natural gas. 

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