DECATUR — A huge bruise on a Decatur woman’s shoulder led sheriff’s deputies to uncover a story of domestic abuse, a sworn affidavit said.

Macon County deputies said they had been called to the Red Lobster restaurant in Forsyth on Sunday afternoon after a 21-year-old woman had been accosted there by a man who yelled at her. While talking to the woman, deputies said they noticed she had bruising on her left shoulder that was 4-5 inches wide and 2-3 inches long.

Deputies said the woman told them the 35-year-old man who yelled at her had attacked her at her home on East Main Street in Decatur on Aug. 20. “She said during the incident that (he) had punched her in the face and then began hitting her in the head,” the affidavit said.

“She said he followed her through the house and smacked her across the face and grabbed an aluminum kitchen broom and hit her on the left shoulder and back area, which is where deputies observed the bruising.”

The woman is quoted as telling police she was hit so hard the broom broke across her back, and she was then threatened with a sledgehammer before being hauled to her feet by her hair and choked to the point where she could not breathe.

The man was arrested Monday morning and booked on preliminary charges of aggravated domestic battery and driving while license felony revoked.

Macon County Jail records showed the man remained in custody Tuesday night in lieu of posting bail set at $50,000; prosecutors had asked for $80,000.

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