DECATUR — A 35-year-old Decatur woman told police she was selected and attacked at random early Saturday by a female assailant who repeatedly punched and kicked her.

Detective Sgt. Chris Copeland said the battery happened around 5:50 a.m. in the 1000 block of West Decatur Street. Copeland said the woman described standing outside her home with her fiancé when a van pulled up driven by a man with the female as the passenger.

“The female got out of the van and asked the victim where her (expletive) is?” said Copeland. “The victim had no idea what this female was talking about and told her as much, whereupon the female approached her and began punching her.”

Copeland said the victim fought back in self-defense but ended up on the floor when the assailant began kicking and stomping on her. “She said her fiancé tried to intervene and break them up, but the man driving the van interfered and would not allow the fiancé to tackle the two women.”

The assailant then broke off the assault and left the victim with an injury to her lower lip and minor abrasions on her arms and legs.

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