Tracey A. Janes

Tracey A. Janes. 

DECATUR — A tearful teenage girl told a Decatur jury Wednesday of the repeated sexual abuse she suffered for years at the hands of Tracey A. Janes, a man she had grown to trust.

Speaking as thunder boomed outside the Macon County Courthouse, the girl, younger than 18, said the abuse started when she was in the third grade and continued until just before her seventh-grade year. What she had endured came to light in 2017 when anonymous allegations were sent to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, prosecutors said. 

Janes, 43, is pleading not guilty to three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault, three counts of criminal sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

“I always told him to stop but he would not stop,” the girl said in response to questioning from Assistant Macon County State’s Attorney Kate Kurtz. Asked how many times some of the abuse happened, the girl replied it was hard to remember. “It happened so many times,” she said.

In her opening statement to the jury, Kurtz said Janes had abused the girl in a number of ways. 

“This defendant committed unspeakable acts on (the girl) when she was 9 years old, 10 years old, 11 years old, 12 years old and 13 years old,” added Kurtz.

But defense attorney Gary Geisler told the jury this was a case with no physical evidence of any kind, just the words of one person against another. “There is no DNA in this case, no fingerprints in this case, no security video, nothing of the sort — there is no hard and objective evidence ... (just) the words of a troubled teenager,” Geisler said.

The trial continues.

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