DECATUR — A 26-year-old man was arrested during a traffic stop Saturday night with drugs and a gun, police said.

The suspect driving a black 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo failed to signal as he turned westbound onto Wood Street, Sgt. Chris Copeland said. An officer followed the vehicle until he pulled over onto the curb of the 1800 block of East Main Street.

When police activated their emergency lights, the suspect immediately stuck both hands out of the window before being instructed to do so, Copeland said. Officers said the suspect was fidgety and nervous.

Copeland said officers asked the 26-year-old if he had anything illegal in the vehicle, to which he told them he had a gun, cocaine and ecstasy.

Officers found 8.1 grams of cocaine, 8.1 grams of ecstasy and a silver and black 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a live round in the chamber and five rounds in the magazine, Copeland said.

The man was arrested and booked in the Macon County Jail on preliminary felony charges of armed violence and unlawful use/possession of a weapon by a felon, both subject to review by the Macon County State's Attorney's Office.

Copeland said the suspect did not face separate drug charges because they were included in the armed violence charge. 

"Armed violence is a Class X felony in which the elements of the offense are commission of a felony while armed. In this case, the arrested was armed with a handgun while committing the felony of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver," Copeland said.

Possession of a weapon by a felon is a separate charge, he added. 

The suspect posted $5,000 bond and was released.

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