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DECATUR – Josh Burdine, 26, who recently served time in a Georgia prison, is back in custody after he allegedly flicked ashes from a burning cigarette onto a pregnant woman's face and slammed a door on a police officer and another woman.

When police arrived at a house Tuesday night on the 1300 block of East Locust Street to investigate a domestic violence incident, the pregnant woman's sister tried to escape through the rear door, where Decatur patrol officer Lawrence Petrey was standing.

As the 20-year-old woman was leaving, she was struck in the head by the door as Burdine tried to close it in her face, opening a wound on her forehead, said an affidavit by patrol officer James Weddle.

“Officer Petrey attempted to stop the door from closing again, but the door again was forcefully closed into officer Petrey's arms,” according to the affidavit.

Petrey inserted his foot between the door and door frame, preventing the door from closing.

The woman who escaped from the house "began screaming that her 2-year-old daughter and sister were still inside the house."

She told police that Burdine "had been battering and choking her and her pregnant sister," and was the one who tried to close the door on her and the officer.

After the officers pushed their way into the house, Burdine ran away. They found him hiding in the attic. Burdine was arrested and booked into the Macon County Jail, where he is being held on $20,000 bond.

Burdine was arraigned Friday on seven criminal counts, including three felony counts of aggravated battery, two for battering a pregnant woman and one for battering a police officer.

He is serving an eight-year felony probation term in connection with a 2012 marijuana dealing conviction in Georgia. He was released from a Georgia prison after serving a two-year sentence.

The pregnant woman told police she was arguing with Burdine, when he flicked ashes from his cigarette onto her face multiple times as she sat on a couch.

She told police she is eight months pregnant, "which is visibly apparent," Weddle wrote in his statement.

A witness told police that Burdine threw ashes in the pregnant woman's face and pushed her in her face. When she "attempted to stand up from the couch to get away from Josh, he pushed her back onto the couch," the witness told police.

The other four counts against Burdine are misdemeanors, two for domestic battery and one each of battery and resisting a peace officer. He is due in court March 1 for a preliminary hearing.


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