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DECATUR — A Decatur man is facing felony charges after police said he beat and robbed a deaf male victim, injuring him so badly he needed hospital treatment.

A sworn affidavit said Decatur police arrested the 43-year-old man Tuesday afternoon on a preliminary charge of aggravated robbery, which occurred Friday at a house near North Morgan Street and East Garfield Avenue.

Police officer Warren Hale said the victim had been lured into the house by an unknown man who “asked him if he wanted to smoke.” Once inside, the victim, 45, was punched and kicked by three men, he told police.

They ripped his hearing aids, valued at $1,000, out of his ears, and the victim said he recognized the 43-year-old man as someone he knew. He said this man grabbed him by his shirt collar and put an object he believed was a gun to the side of his head.

“He advised (this man) got in his face and said ‘Give me your money or you die,’ ” said Hale. The victim said his pants were then pulled down and a total of $650 was stolen from his pockets and his wallet, along with his house keys and cell phone.

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Hale said the victim was bleeding from his mouth when police spoke to him and had abrasions on his knees.

“He also complained of pain to his face, abdominal area and both knees. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment,” Hale added.

Police said the victim later picked the 43-year-old out of a photo lineup. The man remained in the Macon County Jail Wednesday in lieu of posting $100,000 bond.

Lt. Shannon Seal with Decatur Police said investigations to find the other suspects involved are continuing.

Preliminary charges are subject to review by the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office. 

Police: Man who entered Decatur home for robbery arrested

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