DECATUR — A 7-year-old Decatur boy, left covered with bruises after his mother beat him with a plastic piece of car seat, refused to “snitch” on her when questioned by detectives, a police sworn affidavit said.

The boy had earlier talked with others about how he had taken a “whooping” from his 26-year-old mother, but clammed up when faced with a police interview about his injuries.

“‘I’m not snitching on my family, my momma didn’t do nothing,’” said the child in conversation quoted by Detective Jason Danner with Decatur Police. Danner added: “He advised he would tell the truth about what happened when he was older.”

Officers, who had seen photographs of the injuries supplied by the boy’s 45-year-old grandmother April 24, located and arrested the mother Tuesday afternoon. She was booked on preliminary charges of aggravated battery to a child aged under 13 and committing domestic battery while having a prior domestic battery conviction. Preliminary charges are subject to review by the state attorney’s office.

Danner described the bruises as “linear loop style” on the boy’s upper right back and the area of both shoulders. “Decatur Police Officers observed a scabbed over abrasion at the base of one of the bruises on his right shoulder,” added Danner. “It appeared whatever was used to cause the bruising, broke open the skin at the base of the bruise.”

The Department of Children and Family Services was called in to help the child and the boy was more forthcoming when speaking to a female DCFS investigator. Danner said the child was asked how he got his injuries and told the investigator: “He locked his mother’s keys in her car and she got mad and ‘gave him a whooping.’ He said she removed a plastic piece from a baby car seat and hit him with it, repeatedly.”

The mother remained held in the Macon County Jail Wednesday night, in lieu of posting bond set at $15,000.

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