Bostick Bates

Ryan A. Bostick, left, and Anthony D. Bates

DECATUR — Two Decatur men have been arrested on preliminary charges that they kept a female drug user as a personal sex slave and also prostituted her out to other men for money.

Ryan A. Bostick, 31, was arrested by Decatur police on Sunday and Anthony D. Bates, 49, was arrested Friday. They were both charged with involuntary servitude and criminal sexual assault; preliminary charges are subject to review by the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office.

A sworn affidavit said the 23-year-old victim had been kept locked up in a room at the home of Bates, a person she knew by the nickname “Dirty.” The affidavit did not specify how long she had been kept a prisoner, although it described events taking place over several days. How she finally escaped her confinement also wasn’t specified.

The affidavit from Decatur police officer Timothy Wisniewski said she was at police headquarters being interviewed by Friday evening. The affidavit describes the homeless woman as going to live with Bates at the urging of Bostick, who she said sold her crack cocaine. She said he had assured her “she would be in a safer place” staying with Bates, whom he described as his “uncle.”

Once at Bates’ house in the 1600 block of North Warren Street, she was warned she could not eat or shower without performing a sexual act as payment, police were told. She also said she was given drugs to curb her hunger and keep her figure thin.

The woman told police she had seen Bostick with a handgun and was “afraid they would hurt her if she did not do as she was told.”

The woman said the men would take her to locations within Decatur where she would have to perform sex acts with strangers and give the money to the two men. She said Bostick and Bates had a number code to identify customers to her. “She stated Dirty would yell ‘23’, snap his fingers, and point to the vehicles she would need to make contact with,” said Wisniewski.

Bostick and Bates both remained in the Macon County Jail Monday night in lieu of posting bond; Bostick’s bond is set at $350,000 and Bates at $100,000. Bates is due to be arraigned Friday and Bostick on July 2.

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