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DECATUR — Police say a Decatur woman punched her father in the face on Christmas when he refused to panhandle for her to get money she could use to buy liquor.

A sworn affidavit by a Decatur police officer also says the 66-year-old father, who uses a walker, was then dragged along for five feet as he tried to get out of his daughter’s car.

“A witness located (him) crawling in the street (in the 1300 block of North Dennis Street) bleeding from his face immediately following the incident and called police,” said patrol officer Ryan Wicks in the affidavit.

The daughter, 42, was arrested Monday afternoon and jailed on preliminary charges of aggravated battery and domestic battery. Preliminary charges are subject to review by the state’s attorney’s office.

Writing in the affidavit, Wicks said: “(The daughter) had been trying to scrounge up enough money to buy liquor as she has been going through alcohol detox and experiencing withdrawal symptoms.”

He said her father was riding in a car with her and she had driven to a liquor store in the 1400 block of West King Street, where the punching assault occurred after he refused to panhandle. Her father, bleeding from a wound opened by the punch, asked to be taken home. Wicks said the daughter had stopped on North Dennis Street and told him to walk the rest of the way in the freezing weather.

Wicks said her father had still been retrieving his walker from the car when his daughter drove off, “knowing he was still partially in the car,” dragging him until he fell out of the vehicle.

She remained in the Macon County Jail on Tuesday night in lieu of posting $15,000 bail. She is due to be arraigned Jan. 2. If she makes bail, she has been ordered to stay away from her father and his home.


Macon County Courts Reporter

Macon County courts reporter for the Herald & Review.

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