DECATUR – A 31-year-old Decatur woman was booked into jail on charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after she allegedly punched a man in the face while wearing brass knuckles.

On Tuesday, the victim told police he was at home when he and Katrina J. Conner began arguing about his suspicions about her possible other relationship.

He “tried to inspect her phone, but it was fingerprint password locked,” said a probable cause affidavit by Decatur patrol officer Brandon Rolfs.

He returned the phone to her, and then she yelled and cursed at him as he left the residence, the victim told police.

As he turned to look at her on the front porch, “she used her right hand to punch him near his left outer eye while she was wearing black metal knuckles,” the victim reported. He felt dizzy from the blow, which opened a large laceration to his cheek, below the outer corner of his left eye. He suffered “significant swelling and bleeding.”

Although the wound was not seen by police until more than 48 hours later, Rolfs noted that he observed it was still open, with tearing to the skin consistent with the victim's claim. The victim declined medical attention.

An eyewitness, who was about to give the victim a ride from the scene at the time of the incident, told police “Katrina punched him with some black metal ring object on her fingers.” As a result of the blow, the witness saw “everything turn red from (the victim's) blood going everywhere.”

Conner denied striking the victim with metal knuckles. She told police the victim “dropped a weightlifting bar on his face which caused the injury.” Rolfs noted that her explanation was inconsistent with the injury, because the injury was evident in a smaller contact area, in contrast to a weightlifting bar, which is wider.

She admitted owning black metal knuckles, which were taken into evidence by officers. She said the weapon was bought for her by the victim about a year ago. He denied giving her the knuckles.

The other preliminary charges against Conner are domestic battery/bodily harm and unlawful use of a weapon. She was released from jail after posting $1,200 cash bail and must stay away from the victim. She is due in court Sept. 23.

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