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File photo - EIU rally

In this March 9 file photo, people gathered for a rally and march from the Eastern Illinois University campus to the Coles County Courthouse in Charleston receive their flags to represent workers who would be laid off at the university due to state budget cuts.

CHARLESTON -- While on a much smaller scale than previously, Eastern Illinois University staff and faculty numbers are still dipping, according to recent numbers.

Through faculty non-reappointments and other departures, EIU has seen a continued decline since before layoffs took place when the university employees numbers rested at 1,743.

As of Sept. 30 numbers, the university has 1,256 employees including staff, faculty and administration. This is a difference of 487 employees.

Since last reported in May, the university has 74 fewer employees.

Faculty saw a loss of about 38 from adjunct faculty, who largely take on one to three classes, interim Vice President for Business Affairs Paul McCann said. This is on top of the 12 faculty members laid off previously.

“They looked at the class schedule, and they said, 'We can get by without teacher X,'” McCann said.

McCann said the university saw some flexibility in terms of cost efficiency in the adjunct faculty pool.

“When you get right down to it, it doesn't save us a whole lot of money, but it was one place where we were somewhat flexible,” McCann said.

This flexibility was created as a result of declined enrollment this school year. Total enrollment is at 7,415 students. From fall 2015 to now, the university has 1,105 fewer students.

The university is currently undergoing an analysis of programs and servicess, see what has been working and what has not with its Vitalization Project.


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