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Chauncey Wulf of Decatur looks for a shot during the wheelchair basketball state championship tournament at the Peoria Civic Center in 2015.

DECATUR — The Decatur School District will reprint 100 Eisenhower High School yearbooks after a student who uses a wheelchair was named “most accident prone” in the section known as “superlatives.”

Senior Chauncey Wulf was partially paralyzed in a car accident when he was a child and is a member of a wheelchair basketball team. He will sign a letter of intent on May 11 to play wheelchair basketball for Southwest Minnesota State University.

Chauncey said he was unaware of the designation and was not asked if he was OK it.

"... Then I started seeing posts on Snapchat, people laughing and taking pictures of the yearbook,” he said.

Chauncey Wufl yearbook

This image provided to the Herald & Review shows Chauncey Wulf, a student who uses a wheelchair, as "Most Accident Prone."

At first, Chauncey said, he thought other students were just teasing, but even after he said he didn't like the designation, they kept making remarks.

“We actually had an argument about it in my psychology class,” he said.

Chauncey's mother, Crystal, put a lengthy post on Facebook expressing her unhappiness, and told the Herald & Review that she went to the school to see it for herself and speak to administrators about it. She did not buy a yearbook for Chauncey because of his embarrassment and the cost, which is $50.

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“There are any number of things they could have picked him for,” she said. “That's what really bothers me. He's made a lot of good news for the school district, especially this year. They could have acknowledged him for many things instead of mocking him.”

The school district released a statement about the situation as well.

Chauncey Wulf 1

Chauncey Wulf of Decatur guards a member of the Chicago Skyhawks during the wheelchair basketball state championship tournament at the Peoria Civic Center in 2015.

“District administration was made aware of the concern at Eisenhower High School regarding a specific section of the yearbook, known as superlatives,” the statement said. “The district has directed for the yearbook to be reprinted. These common categories voted by students are a way to represent memories and personalities of the graduating class and have been included the past several years.”

District spokeswoman Maria Robertson said staff would collect the yearbooks already printed and that the reprinting would amount to 100 yearbooks.

Chauncey said he had not voted and believed that the only people who did vote were members of the yearbook staff.

“I don't see how this would ever have seemed OK,” Crystal Wulf said.

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