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D.J. Smith of Lovington and Farm Bureau manager Dan Reedy of Sandwich load the gym floor boards from Lovington High School, now back home and for sale.

LOVINGTON – When Lovington High School was deactivated and students began attending Arthur High School, the old building was torn down to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.

“Yorkville Christian Academy bought the flooring and this spring they started installing it in their gym, because their floor needed to be replaced,” said Carol Smith of Lovington.

That school's gym is considerably smaller than Lovington High School's gym was, and they had several pallets of floor boards left over once the job was complete. An employee of the Farm Bureau in that county is a Lovington graduate and let the Lovington Alumni Association Board know the boards were for sale.

The administrator at Yorkville would have been willing to give them the boards, but it's a small, private school and they hadn't been able to pay the volunteers who installed the new gym floor. By selling the leftover boards, they'd be able to pay those folks.

“We bought 400 square feet,” Smith said. “We didn't need all seven pallets, so we emailed alumni to see if they'd like to buy any. Two or three weeks ago, we drove to Yorkville and we loaded the pallets onto a trailer, and bought it back and we've started filling out the orders.”

Bobby Miller bought enough to create a miniature gym floor on a wall of his home, where he plans to display his trophies and other souvenirs from his high school days.

“People are making picture frames and end tables, and some are going to make small models of the gym floor out of it,” Smith said. “I was a volleyball coach at Lovington for several years, and I thought it would be nice to have a piece of the gym floor. We decided we would see how much interest there was.”

Homecoming is Saturday, Sept. 10, and the alumni association wanted to make boards available for alumni to purchase at $3 a square foot, Smith said. They'll have the trailer set up during the parade on Saturday in downtown Lovington.

Smith joked to her husband that she wanted to buy enough to redo the floor at home.

“He gave the 'The Look,'” she said with a laugh.


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