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Watch now: Uplifting Rocks meant to cheer people up during tough times
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Watch now: Uplifting Rocks meant to cheer people up during tough times


DECATUR — Stella and Sydnie King enjoy drawing and painting.

So why not start a business and cheer up people at the same time?

“They came upstairs with posters of their business idea, Uplifiting Rocks,” said their mother, Haley King. “With everything being such tough times they thought that their rocks would be a nice thing to give to a friend to cheer them up.”

The girls, ages 10 and 6 respectively, paint bright-colored pictures and words on the rocks, with messages like “love” and “joy” and “peace.”

Their aunt and uncle had a pile of landscaping stones left over after a project, which they donated to the cause, and the girls spend a while every day working on their creations, which they sell for $2 each.

“Originally, we just set up a table outside and they started painting the rocks and I put a post on Facebook,” King said. “And neighbors and friends started buying them, and after that people started to place orders and tell us what they want. Some give (the kids) a specific idea, and some people say it's their choice.”

It turned out to be more work than they realized it would be, Stella said, because they got so many customers.

“I like doing businesses and stuff,” she said. “My friend was over one day and we wanted to do something and we thought about painting rocks. We use acrylic paint and use a spray to make it stay. Sometimes we ask people (what they want) and sometimes we just think of uplifting happy messages and stuff.”

They paint about 10 rocks a day to keep up with demand, and for a family who likes to spend a lot of time around the water, that means making a commitment to work every day before anything else.

“I make them do 10 rocks before we leave (for the day),” King said with a laugh. “That's how we've kept up. We're always doing them every day.”

And, of course, young artists don't always produce perfect work the first time. Occasionally a rock won't turn out as well as the kids want it to.

“We've done a lot of (rocks),” Stella said. “We've been doing it a week or two and it's a little busy sometimes but it's still fun.”


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