Nicole Owens has been named Student of the Month for April by Shelbyville High School. She is the daughter of Lynn and Cindi Owens. Her activities include cross tennis, basketball and National Honors Society. 

Arts In Education Spring Show 2019 Winners

Junior High

Best of Show: Jordan Dieterich, Taylorville

Computer Art/Photography: Mia Kerley, Warrensburg-Latham (first); Chloe Hughes, Warrensburg-Latham (second); Jack Molden-Peterson, Taylorville (third)

Painting: (oil, acrylic): Lillian Voudrie, Taylorville (first); Victoria Gui, Warrensburg-Latham (second); Miranda Tatum, Lutheran School Association (third)

Painting: (Watercolor, Tempera, Brush & Ink): Kayelee Barger, Cerro Gordo (first); Grace Jennings, Argenta-Oreana (second); Alisa Becker, Taylorville (third)

Drawing: Pencil/Colored Pencil: Audrey Schuetz, Meridian Middle School (first); Lily Merrit, Meridian Middle School (second); Ethan Walker, Sangamon Valley Middle School (third)

Drawing: Pastels or Charcoal: Kamryn Sturdy, Sangamon Valley Middle School (first); Emmy Renfro, Meridian Middle School (second); Jamie Huber, Argenta-Oreana

Drawing: Pen & Ink/Scratchboard: Addie Cripe, Cerro Gordo (first); Ciara Collins, Lutheran School Association (second); Gracie Rigg, Warrensburg-Latham (third)

Sculpture: Caleb Samson, Taylorville (first); Jeria Castleman, Sangamon Valley Middle School (second); Aidin Wanless, Sangamon Valley Middle School (third)

Ceramic: Jake Atteberry, Sangamon Valley Middle School (first); Aleece Westbrook-Peters, Taylorville (second); Jacob Newingham, Meridian Middle School (third)

Mixed Media: Emily Zienkowsky, Sangamon Valley Middle School (first); Chrisitupher Gariglietti, Meridian Middle School (second); Demi Curry, Lutheran School Association (third)

Miscellaneous: Avaleena Stewart, Lutheran School Association (first); Lily Leaks, Lutheran School Association (second); Kamryn Sturdy, Sangamon Valley Middle School (third)

High School

Best of Show: Dorie Bulthuis, Cerro Gordo

Computer Art/Photography: Will Kent/Logan Wendoll/Mitchell Leathers, Warrensburg-Latham (first); Emily Wade, Clinton (second); Gracie Boughton, Clinton (third)

Painting: (Oil/Acrylic): K.T. Voorhees, St. Teresa High School (first); Graycie Copsy, Cerro Gordo (second); Mya Norred, St. Teresa High School (third)

Painting: (Watercolor, Tempera, Brush & Ink): Alicia Elliott, Lutheran School Association (first); Makayla Moran, Sangamon Valley High School (second); Makayla Moran, Sangamon Valley High School (third)

Drawing: (Pencil/Colored Pencil): Trent McCleery, Mount Zion High School (first); Robert LeCates, Meridian High School (second); Giovanni Fuentes, St. Teresa High School (third)

Drawing: (Pastels/Charcoal): Moriah Renfro, Meridian High School (first); Chloe Mesnard, St. Teresa High School (second); Jessica Provines, Sangamon Valley High School (third)

Drawing: (Pen & Ink/Scratchboard): Hikari Matt, Cerro Gordo (first); Dorie Bulthuis, Cerro Gordo (second); Hikari Matt, Cerro Gordo (third)

Sculpture: Carsen Hood, Warrensburg-Latham (first); Elijah Rojas, Lutheran School Association (second); Jordan Wright, Argenta-Oreana High School (third)

Ceramics/Crafts: Mic Olivas, Lutheran School Association (first); Alayna Hudson, Mount Zion High School (second); Jenna Chipman, Clinton High School (third)

Mixed Media: Alexis Rosenberger, Meridian High School (first); Haley Grimes, Meridian High School (second); Ashlyn Brichey, Sangamon Valley High School (third)

Miscellaneous: Nadia Wildon, Sangamon Valley High School (first); Myra Billingsley, Lutheran School Association (second); Isabella Salefski, Lutheran School Association (third)

People’s Choice Award: Dorie Bulthuis


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